What is Node Knockout?

Node Knockout is an online hackathon. Teams of up to 4 people compete over a 48 hour period to build the best app they can, using Node.js. After you submit the app, it’ll be critiqued by one of our expert judges. The best apps win prizes, glory and most importantly, respect!

Where is it located?

Anywhere! Node Knockout is an online competition, so you can compete from anywhere in the world. 

When is the competition?

The competition starts November 23 0:00:00 UTC. PLEASE make sure to covert this to your local timezone. For example, if you are located in San Francisco CA, it will begin Nov 22 at 5pm PST. It ends exactly 48 hours later.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams may be composed of 1-4 people.

Can I invite team members after I register?

Absolutely! Setup your team now and you’ll be able to send invites to team members at anytime.

What is the Topic/Theme of the competition?

There is no specific topic or theme. You are welcome to create any type of application that you’d like!

Who decides the winners?

Applications will be reviewed by contestants by voting on each others entries. All entries will be evaluated and teams will receive feedback. 

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced on Dec 2.

How many winning teams will there be?

There will be 4 winning teams from different categories; Hacker Favorite, Design, Innovation, Popularity. 

Can I sponsor Node Knockout?

Definitely! Reach out to us at sponsor@nodeknockout.com

What if my company is a sponsor of Node Knockout? Can I still participate?

Of course! Being an employee of any company sponsoring Node Knockout does not disqualify you.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes you can find the code of conduct here: nodeknockout.com/conduct. Please remember that Node Knockout is a competition for fun. No matter who wins or loses, the point of this event is to bring people in the community together to learn from each other and have a great time. We should all remember to be supportive and never make anyone else feel bad about what they have created.