• Scheduler/Roseville

    Simple event scheduler that utilizes Twitter to manage and communicate with attendees
  • Virality/Manoa Valley - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

    Virality is an analytics platform for measuring and visualizing how posts become viral.
  • The Broken Web App/NY

    An app developed to teach web application security lessons to Node.js web developers. It shows how each of the OWASP Top 10 categories of vulnerabilities can manifest themselves in a Node.js specific way and provides the subsequent mitigations for each in accompanied tutorial guide.
  • Node Mayhem/Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, on the internet, always

    A simple game where you can chase down your friends and shoot them in the face.
  • Objective/Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma, Derby, UK.

    Objective is your personal to-do list for the things you need to accomplish on the Internet.
  • Couch/San Francisco

    Couch is the easiest way to watch videos with friends in real-time. Queue up what's next by simply tweeting a video URL and a hashtag.
  • Zombie BATtle-pocalypse/New York, NY

    In the dark world of 2054, an alien species has blocked out the sun, harvesting it for energy. You control a NodeCopter foraging for food and avoiding the zombie bats.
  • Snagfile/San Francisco

    Fast & easy file sharing, with file previewing
  • you_are_a_planet.js/@sfrdmn

    You are a planet.
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  • Git Clean/Washington, DC, USA, Northern VA

    Clean your whole repo and all the code that's in it with a simple click of a button.
  • Duck Fight/Taipei, Taiwan

  • Hub/Jackson, MS, New York, Scotland, Cleveland, OH

    GitHub + Chat = :D
  • Awe Me - Your personal online store/San Francisco

    Awe Me is the personal online store for everybody! Sell your PSD files, code, eBooks, and anything else from your Computer, Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Drive.
  • MiXBiT/London, Brighton, UK.

    MiXBiT is a Robot powered Virtual club experience.
  • Quizzer/Bangalore

    Quizzer is a realtime websocket based interactive Game where you can organize quizzes.
  • gitdo/Tempe, AZ

    gitdo is a task management app that works with to do items written in the code of a GitHub repository
  • Brawl/Budapest, Hungary

    This game was meant to be a "jump on da head" style game, like mario, but multiplayer, and with animals and some spice. The spice did not happen... Well, honestly the game part did not, either.
  • Pandamonium/Toronto, ON, CA

    Have a question? Get answers from people in the area.
  • bout.io/San Francisco

    bout is about keeping in touch... ...through friendly competition.
  • Polyplay

    Polyplay is a playlist for track from multiple sources.
  • NODE.SONGBOX/Toronto, Canada, Napa, CA, Montclair, NJ, Boston, MA

    The online karaoke party, no cover!
  • all-seeing-eye/Portland, OR

    Highlight matches to CSS selectors applied to your javascript AST
  • Cinema fu/Brazil, Florianópolis, Brasil

    A game where you need to find connections between 2 actors and/or movies. Try to get the least steps possible and share the challenge with your friends. You can also check it at http://cinemafu.com
  • StyleFilter/Palo Alto

    Style filter for git that allows developers using different coding styles to work on the same repository.
  • Googlyify

    Googly eyes as a service. Put in a GIF, use the interactive googly eye editor, then save it as a new, more fanciful GIF. ***** BUG: I wish I could put a banner on the Editor page that says CLICK SAVE BEFORE RENDER.
  • Werewolves/Cape Town, South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Based on the party game created by Andrew Plotkin for seven or more players, now available online. Play with friends anywhere in the world as if they’re next to you in the same village.
  • Parallel Mind/Rennes, Brittany

    the first massive multiplayer code breaking game :)
  • Traffic Shout

    Share your traffic information and see what the others are sharing. Don't just go and see. Spend some time to tell others how the things going on around you.
  • Ballon Busters/Santa Clara, CA

    Balloon bursters is a two player balloon shooting game. play the game: http://synth.2013.nodeknockout.com
  • Rikoru/Budapest

    Realtime multiplayer memory game!


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