• npm pulse/Cincinnati, OH

    Check the pulse of any npm module to see how popular and active it is. Determine which module to use quickly by checking its pulse.
  • Solar Badlands/Tampa, FL

    A text-based RPG game played through Twitter. Complete with a front-facing web interface where you can review your log, and other helpful information.
  • Kaline/USA

    Kaline is a simple scheduling tool for those, like myself, who are no good at using a calendar... Kaline will send you reminders to keep you on track of whatever you do throughout the day.
  • Lightbulb/USA

    A quick, dead-simple way to collaboratively draw on the web.
  • Node Package Finder (npf)/Mountain View

    available on chrome browser only A new discover tool to find your ideal npm package.
  • Iceberg/Palo Alto, CA, San Francisco

    Dropbox costs $10/month for 100GB, which is $0.10 per 1GB and on Amazon Glacier it costs $0.01 per GB per month. And you don't always need to keep photos of you from 10 years ago at your fingertips, it's ok to have them stored at "grandma's basement".
  • Team Metronome/Round Rock, TX

    Collaboration shouldn't interfere with productivity. Team Metronome blocks out distractions during periods of coordinated focus, but then lets your team sync up during periods of coordinated rest. You get a rhythm, just like with a metronome.
  • Listli/Sarnia, ON, London, ON

    It's a list app that allows you to share your event type lists with other friends. Notification will allow your friends to see items that you would like for Christmas, a wedding, baby shower, etc.
  • Costa Sample App

    This is simple application built with costa tools.
  • Geo Messenger/Halifax, NS

    Geo-Messenger allows you to easily send instant messages to other nearby users. Only users within 5 kilometers of you will receive your messages.
  • Webcam Space Invaders (Node.js version)

    A game that explore the use of Node.js and WebRTC on games
  • CoLogo.co/San Francisco

    CoLogo.co is Gravatar for company logos. Gravatar : md5(email) :: CoLogo.co : domain.
  • Pair sleep/Toronto

    Arduino pairs with the mobile app over the cloud to track the movement, pushing it in real-time to the application on the mobile.
  • The Carlin Report/Canada, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    The Carlin Report combines citizen participatory engagement and volunteered geographic information to crowd source near hits between walkers, runners, cyclists and motorized vehicles. Data collected can be utilized by a number of stakeholders to mitigate incidents and shed light on problem locations within a municipal area or region.
  • Soapbox/cambridge, ma, Boston

    A Revolution of Oratory.
  • Track yourself/Irvine, California, So Cal

    Sick of letting the big companies track you and keep your data? We set out to build a site that people can clone and run for themselves that will let them track themselves, keep their own data, and do what they want with it.
  • Node-Man

    Multi-player Pac-Man! Play as Node-Man and quickly eat all the nodes or play as a dead web technology to try and defeat Node-Man!
  • Brute Force/Noicattaro, Bari, Bari

    Brute Force is a very addictive multiplayer game in which the firts player that guess the password is the winner.
  • StreamIO/Helsinki

    A visual tool to join different data sources.
  • Knowledge Vault

    A better way to manage the links you care about. Automatically indexes the links you care most about so they're easy to find later.
  • Hack Together/Seattle

    A Geo aware hacker meetup tool.
  • Getting Started With Open Source Software

    Getting involved with open source can be daunting to begin with. Trying to find the right project can be a challenge. This app provides a curated list of issues ideal for beginners, or you can submit your project if you think it would be ideal for beginners
  • Mayberry Secure P2P Messaging/Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, CA

    Send encrypted messages to people over webRTC. Your message never touches our server.
  • ClearCommit/Portland, Oregon, Brooklyn, NY

    ClearCommit is a semantic diff tool for GitHub codebases. See changes in functions, not changes in lines.
  • Tidbit/Boston, MA

    Tidbit is a service that lets you make money mining bitcoins on your clients' computers.
  • gitcross/San Mateo, CA

    Gitcross is a new variation on Picross that includes collecting github users' identicons, and seeing other players do the same in real-time.
  • Consensus/San Francisco, CA

    This app aims to answer the important question: Where to eat? It does this using unicorn science, mathematics, and Foursquare.
  • プログラム未経験のオッサンがたった2日間でネットが繋がる全ての場所にある公開されたサーバから画像を集めて公開する事が可能となる結構まともなシステム全体をnodejsで構築したってなんか過ごそうじゃん(*´艸`*) http://hack-a-thon-jp.2013.nodeknockout.com/Tokyo

    画像収集システムを作りました。 観覧ができます。 今回はペットに特化させています。 現在はシステムの体をなしただけです。。 付加機能は随時つけ足していきますが、今は見るだけ可能です。 please use this http://translate.google.com/#en/ja/ 当初の技術的課題によりリダイレクトが入ってしまった。精確にはWEBはこれを見てくれ。 http://hack-a-thon-jp.2013.nodeknockout.com/preview?id=8ucQ4zevs9
  • playmating/NYC, New York, NY

    game your heart out


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