• How beauty you are/Taiwan, Taipei

    Vote us, the start voting to every girls, support girl who you are.
  • Dictator!/Manchester, UK

    Take on some of the most evil despots in history in a battle at the end of time. Customize your dictatorial abilities to take on all comers in a series of rant offs, to find out once and for all who is the greatest dictator!
  • Ninja Claus -忍者クロース-/Tokyo

    You will distribute presents to the children become Santa Claus(Ninja Claus). Sometimes, You would be fight with rivals.
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  • Letterbounce

    Do you like word games but are bad at anagrams? Try this FPA (first-person-anagrammer) game! Click to catch or avoid letters and be pleasantly surprised when you 1) make words and 2) score points!
  • doc.easy

    The easy way to sort and view your files
  • Pads and Chords/Fort Collins, CO

    A real-time interactive frog experience.
  • Killer virus-spider bomber :)/Warsaw, Poland

    bomberman-like multiplayer game!
  • Walk Sharing/Tokyo

    You can walk your way around the world with your friends online. You can also experience exactly the same thing as the past walk (called time-shift) whenever you access the given URL.
  • VMShare

    You can create your own Virtual Machines with one click. Share them and collaborate with others through web-based Terminals.
  • FaceFacet/Germany

    Donate your facet. Take a snapshot with your webcam. Choose which parts of your face you want to share. Random face madness!
  • Exoplanets/Islamabad

    Exoplanets found by Kepler Space Program.
  • Emscriptifier/Cambridge MA

    Use C++ directly in client side HTML and JavaScript to do advanced things like audio processing, OpenGL, etc.
  • Zoom the Balloon/, Providence, RI, Rhode Island, USA

    Zoom the balloon has always dreamed of the moon. In this simple but addicting game, let's go together!
  • hookdoc/Barcelona, Spain

    Beautiful and collaborative documentation.
  • Fantasy Tweet League/Chennai

    A head to head fantasy sports game that uses twitter popularity to award players points.
  • Zombies At My Conference/UK, Oxfordshire

    What happens when the zombie apocalypse begins at a conference? Watch the fight between real humans and zombies, and influence the action. Deploy free beer to attract humans and play dubstep to attract zombies (they love it).
  • Gift Horse/Colorado

    Track the gifts people give you on your phone, tablet, or desktop. View stats about your gifts, gift givers, and automatically write custom personal thank you notes to people.
  • #BrokenTele/Los Angeles

    Real-time Broken Telephone over WebRTC. Play Broken Telephone or submit text to be 'broken' using Twitter @BrokenTele or #BrokenTele.
  • Frazy/Kansas

    With frazy you can play charades with your new best friends; random people on the internet.
  • Makeshift/Charlotte

    A fun little brawl game :) go bash your friends and other random players in our game :)
  • EchoBase - Online conference platform/Gdansk, Poland, Gdynia

    EchoBase is located in hidden location on planet Hoth (inspired from Star Trek) provides online conference via browser's WebRTC capabilities.
  • Trapezium/Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Trapezium presents news articles sorted by vibe.
  • PolySocket/American Fork, UT

    PolySocket is a true WebSocket polyfill. Program your front-end and back-end code using pure delicious WebSockets (and we'll transparently upgrade older browsers to speak WebSockets).
  • DownAndUp

    A Markdown syntax visualization tool that synchronize with your dropbox.
  • When Will My Child (WWMC)/Salt Lake City, UT, Seattle, WA, Orem, UT

    WWMC is a web app for parents of normally developing children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay. WWMC is a web app for parents of developmentally delayed children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay.
  • Outdr.me/Berlin, Poznań

    Outdr is an innovative tool that allows you to quickly get in touch with people in your closest surrounding - neighbours, friends, strangers, work mates...
  • apímon/Houston, TX

    apímon is a utility for monitoring 3rd party api’s and letting you know when they are down, underperforming or returning invalid data. We parse the JSON and look for expected data instead of relying on regex to check the data.
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  • Node Kick!/Dallas, TX

    It's a fighting game. It's awesome. Game play video: http://vimeo.com/79064653
  • Live gesture game "Attimuite hoi"/Tokyo, Japan

    The Attimuite Hoi is typical Japanese game.
  • CoffeePoint/Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Moscow, Russia

    Realtime collaboration for the remote teams


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