• reviz.io/Seattle, WA, Berkeley CA

    Add local and external data sources, add your code, choose a visualization - reviz.io allows you to easily code and interact with your data.
  • InstantApp/Bellingham, WA, Richmond, VA

    Rapid Application Development for the Modern Web
  • Social Slide/Seattle, WA

    Our project hopes to bring a social slideshow to the public. With future implementations planned, we currently want to focus on allowing users to upload photos and have their photos or memes cycling through a projector screen at a party or event.
  • Project Dialogues/Redmond, WA, USA

    Project Dialogues is a comment hosting service with a lot of different customizations (where to store, how to show, etc).
  • Mothereffing GIFSockets!!!/San Francisco, CA

    Talk to others through a never-ending animated GIF.
  • Milestone/Paris, France

    Milestone is a competitive card game in which you must reach the milestone of 100 commits before your opponent.
  • Voxel Runner/Seattle, WA

    A 1st-person voxeljs game inspired by Tron's light-cycles.
  • NPM the wizard/San Francisco, Red Lick, TX, USA

    A web based GUI for authoring & publishing modules to github & NPM
  • Truth And Dare/New Delhi

    Truth And Dare is an online multi-player game where at most five users can play truth and dare by spinning the beer bottle and we have live video stream so that no one can escape the heat. The original "Truth or Dare" experience!
  • Imposteroids/Mountain View, CA, Fremont, California, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Imposteroids: Insane Multiplayer Asteroids.
  • WordSpace/Oregon

    Real time multiplayer word game played on a square grid.
  • Space Race/Redmond, WA, Seattle, Washington

    Fly your ship in a race to the finish. Discover fun maps or build new ones collaboratively.
  • Waterbear Playground/Brazil, São Carlos, SP, Brazil

    Waterbear Playground is an environment to code in ProcessingJS using drag-and-drop blocks.
    • (1 invited)
  • Jarvis/Chicago, IL

    Jarvis is your personal media consumption assistant! He takes input as urls and processes them in a variety of ways to produce a single feed of everything you care about.
  • ((cast.tv/Minnesota, Minneapolis

    Cast lets you start a broadcast anywhere, anytime, using the cameras you already own. You control which feed is live to your viewers so you are always in control of your content.
  • Roombox/Melbourne, Australia

    Turn your Roomba vacuum cleaner into a boombox (minus the boom) using node.js
  • AnimatedMoods/Medellín, Colombia

    Short videos in the inbox of your friends
  • Steel Horses Yet another virtual old school stickers album./São Paulo

    It's a virtual old school stickers album.
  • Webcam Animation Studio/OAKLAND, pasadena CA

    Our inspiration was to build an app for storytelling, specifically frame by frame animation, stop motion, flip books, and gifs. We also wanted people to be able to collaborate in the creation process. Both of these were achieved.
  • Tidhr Reader/Oulu, Finland, Finland

    ATOM/RSS reader as a web app with support for 3rd party apps over REST API.
  • Cajolm/Kiev

    Quotes and jokes for your temper.
  • Draw 'n Shoot/Cambridge

    An infinite, persistent world offers endless fun as you chase down your opponents, drawing new landscapes along the way.
  • HeisenPoker

    Poker table in your laptop, your cards in your smartphone.
  • EditCheck/Kiev

    A collaborative editor for .docx files in your Dropbox.
  • Voxel Sphero/San Francisco

    voxeljs based Sphero simulator with hardware connection capability (although not available on the deployed version).
  • Ninja Dart/taiwan

    Ninja versus Samurai! What a exciting duel! Now you can be the ninja, use dart to slain the samurai.
  • Busboy/San Francisco, Boulder, CO

    An easy to use transit app for the Boulder/Denver area
    • (1 invited)
  • ShelfLess/Chennai, India

    Give away your books and help others to learn. Get the books you need from other donar.
  • IRC Racer/Jacksonville, FL

    Bet on racers driven by word usage in IRC
  • nScript

    nScript enables node.js developers to write scripts to dynamically alter the server output, without having to restart the server.


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