Teams (385)

  • Node Ninja Turtles/Delhi, India, India

    GeoSpace is the API which provides the GeoFencing an GeoSearching capabilities as a service. Third party apps can use this API to instantly enable Geo Intelligence in their application.
  • Team Ninja/New Delhi

    Truth And Dare is an online multi-player game where at most five users can play truth and dare by spinning the beer bottle and we have live video stream so that no one can escape the heat. The original "Truth or Dare" experience!
  • sexual chocolate/San Francisco, CA

    This app aims to answer the important question: Where to eat? It does this using unicorn science, mathematics, and Foursquare.
  • Subfuzion

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  • devcomo/Kansas City, Columbia, MO

    Video Funhouse is a video converter that runs entirely in your browser. You can use videos from your hard drive or webcam, and convert them to a bunch of different formats, as well as apply filters to them.
  • zerobyzero/Bangalore, Hyderabad

  • Team Us (as in "us" not "them")/Dallas, TX

    It's a fighting game. It's awesome. Game play video:
  • Git Clean/Washington, DC, USA, Northern VA

    Clean your whole repo and all the code that's in it with a simple click of a button.
  • los manos/OAKLAND, pasadena CA

    Our inspiration was to build an app for storytelling, specifically frame by frame animation, stop motion, flip books, and gifs. We also wanted people to be able to collaborate in the creation process. Both of these were achieved.
  • Tokyo Turtles

    A postmodern deconstruction of our ability to complete an app on time. m(_ _)m
  • Time Ghost/Denton TX, North Texas (really central-eastern Texas)

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  • sophilabs/Montevideo, Uruguay

    Stream yourself over GIF (almost) in realtime
  • Mentor Plus/Massachusetts

  • TeamTX/Houston, TX

    apímon is a utility for monitoring 3rd party api’s and letting you know when they are down, underperforming or returning invalid data. We parse the JSON and look for expected data instead of relying on regex to check the data.
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  • Heraclitus/Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

    Faceball is a multiplayer game where you need to move your face in order to control your player and hit a ball to score!!
  • team 404/Berlin, Poznań

    Outdr is an innovative tool that allows you to quickly get in touch with people in your closest surrounding - neighbours, friends, strangers, work mates...
  • Node Tyson/Seattle, WA

  • Quick Hitter

    A Markdown syntax visualization tool that synchronize with your dropbox.
  • Nodespots/Planet Earth, Kazan

    We have built cities out of github repositories and made citizens out of forks. We have got statistics for node.js forks calculated Karma based on two Karmas: author and contributor. Currently we take into account commits and time of commits, but planning to calculate using much more parameters. We have calculated rating of node.js cities based the stars, contributors, subscribers, open issues and forks. Based on the rating we have built the list of the largest node.JS cities.
  • Bad kitty!/Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Moscow, Russia

    Realtime collaboration for the remote teams
  • 00110111/Berlin

  • Flamescape

    Multi-player Pac-Man! Play as Node-Man and quickly eat all the nodes or play as a dead web technology to try and defeat Node-Man!
  • Wwmc/Salt Lake City, UT, Seattle, WA, Orem, UT

    WWMC is a web app for parents of normally developing children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay. WWMC is a web app for parents of developmentally delayed children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay.
  • Blue Bananas!/Puerto Rico

  • Node KO Analytics

    Real-time analytics dashboard for Node Knockout
  • Node.JSt a Pretty Face/Cambridge

    An infinite, persistent world offers endless fun as you chase down your opponents, drawing new landscapes along the way.
  • Nodest Colony/American Fork, UT

    PolySocket is a true WebSocket polyfill. Program your front-end and back-end code using pure delicious WebSockets (and we'll transparently upgrade older browsers to speak WebSockets).
  • oppa/Palo Alto

    Style filter for git that allows developers using different coding styles to work on the same repository.
  • throw 42;/San Mateo, CA

    Gitcross is a new variation on Picross that includes collecting github users' identicons, and seeing other players do the same in real-time.
  • Tidhr/Oulu, Finland, Finland

    ATOM/RSS reader as a web app with support for 3rd party apps over REST API.
  • srobin/Boston, MA

    Imdex is an OCR-Indexed image searching engine, making text within images searchable.
  • dopemob/Gdansk, Poland, Gdynia

    EchoBase is located in hidden location on planet Hoth (inspired from Star Trek) provides online conference via browser's WebRTC capabilities.
  • Mahou Shoujo 200APM/San Francisco

    Fast & easy file sharing, with file previewing
  • Cheesebreeger/Los Angeles

    Real-time Broken Telephone over WebRTC. Play Broken Telephone or submit text to be 'broken' using Twitter @BrokenTele or #BrokenTele.
  • Public Class/Stockholm, Sweden

  • PomodoLab/Sapporo, Hokkaido

  • Team 8020/NYC

    What The Elf helps you find gifts for your friends.
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  • Klandestino/Stockholm, Sweden, orhem

    • (2 invited)
  • Skrillaz/Kansas City

  • codeword:creative/Fort Collins, CO

    A real-time interactive frog experience.
  • Team.Name/Kansas

    With frazy you can play charades with your new best friends; random people on the internet.
  • Stemmed Cells

    The easy way to sort and view your files
  • lovely boys/@sfrdmn

    You are a planet.
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  • SDSLabs/IIT Roorkee, Delhi, India

  • Rikoru/Budapest

    Realtime multiplayer memory game!
  • sse

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  • 👾/New York, NY

    In the dark world of 2054, an alien species has blocked out the sun, harvesting it for energy. You control a NodeCopter foraging for food and avoiding the zombie bats.
  • Team mad science./San Francisco, Red Lick, TX, USA

    A web based GUI for authoring & publishing modules to github & NPM


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