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By zenbroders

Quick Intro

bout is about keeping in touch... ...through friendly competition.

Description allows groups of people to keep in touch by sending irreverent time-sensitive messages to each other. Use it to maintain conversations with groups of your friends.

Judging Instructions

First, login with Facebook or Twitter auth. You'll need to do this from, because the callback will redirect there (don't worry, the domain points to our provided Node Knockout IP). If your referrer isn't, you won't be able to log in. Srsly. There, you'll see a default group that we've created for all Node Knockout users. From here you can post a submission to the current "bout", which is a time-sensitive group messaging channel that has a topic. You will also be able to receive notifcations when a new "bout" has begun, which encourages you to keep in touch with your friends.

Note: the UI interactions are not yet complete, but the API is fully functional. Enterprising users can pull out their access_token and use that to send requests (with the x-bout-token header).


All requests should include x-bout-token header (with "access_token" from above)

GET /api/groups

GET /api/groups/:id/bouts

...and many, many more.

What they Used

Libraries: Ember, VideoJS, mongoose, express, redis.

Services: Mandrill, Mongohq, Twilio, Twitter Auth, Facebook Auth.

"dependencies": {

"nko": "*",

"express": "~3.4.4",

"jade": "*",

"mongoose": "~3.8.0",

"dotenv": "~0.2.0",

"grunt-contrib-sass": "~0.5.0",

"passport-twitter": "~1.0.2",

"passport": "~0.1.17",

"passport-facebook": "~1.0.2",

"crypto": "0.0.3",

"": "~0.9.16",

"twilio": "~1.4.0",

"kue": "~0.6.2",

"node-mandrill": "~1.0.1"


  • A-F1V3 — San Francisco, CA
  • mmcc — San Francisco, CA
  • schworer — San Francisco, Calif.
  • heff — San Francisco


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  • contestant

    I think it is useful to me, but I get a error message when I login.

    "This app is in sandbox mode...."

  • contestant


    Liked the idea a lot, my team had thought about doing something similar. Really nice landing page design, would have liked to see a little less boilerplate feel to the interface.

    Was tough to really evaluate the utility and fun aspect with it not fully complete, hope you find the time to finish it up.

  • contestant


    Interesting idea.

  • contestant

    Very beautiful design. Got Internal Server Error :(

  • contestant


    So IRC then? :]

  • contestant


  • contestant


  • contestant

    I wasn't able to sign in (twitter auth failed with a 500). The landing page is nice. I don't understand how the relationship to single fit in with the dragon slaying.

  • contestant


    Neat idea. Facebook integration was broken for me and the UI could use some more love, but a nice effort!

  • contestant

    The pitch video was not very helpful.

    I don't understand the point of this site. I did like parts of the design, though.

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    The app crashed when I tried to login with twitter, so I can't say much about it.

    • mmcc

      Thanks for checking it out! Login only works if the referrer is "", but a lot of the interface for the game functionality is still a work in progress. The API works if you want to try that out, though :)


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