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By xyzzy

Quick Intro

A Revolution of Oratory.


Soapbox is a (webRTC) audio queue, a "king of the hill" style broadcast. Users vote (down or up) on soapboxers, giving them more time (capped at 2 minutes) or bumping them (with enough combined downvotes). Audience choice podcasting. Leaderboard.

Judging Instructions

So close to finishing...ran out of time with some complicated one-to-many webRTC logic, layered against sockets—more complicated than we thought setting out, but so fun learning something new. It half works. Needs more than one user @ a time. The queue almost works, but seems buggy. Still a lot of fun building. It was fun pulling (real) gravatars. Chrome experiment.

What they Used

nko (yay!), express, consolidate, jade (backend), stylus, nconf (config), colors,, mongoose, crypto, querystring, holla (webRTC), microtime, gravatar, jquery



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  • contestant


    A lot of teams have had trouble with spotty webRTC support. Nice hack considering the limitations of that implementation! Hope you play more w/ it in the future.

  • contestant


    Interesting idea. It would have been nice to have a video of the app in action, since no one else was there when I went to demo.

  • contestant

    Web Developer at Peapod Studios

    I'm sorry you weren't able to finish this app as it is a really cool idea and a neat use of webRTC. I hope you keep plugging away and finish it. Well done!

    • americanyak

      Thanks...we definitely plan on it...

  • contestant

    Ok concept. I think with a larger team this could have been fleshed out more. Needs to expand beyond the simple reddit model

  • contestant

    cool idea, I like the concept but I couldn't hear anybody and it didn't seem like it was my turn. could use some polish but really cool!

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Fun :). This reminds me of a particularly mean comedy act I saw where people basically have to stay up until they're booed off stage.


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