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Xuka - the realtime web 3D printing modeling tool.

By Xuka

Quick Intro

It is the realtime web 3D printing modeling tool that you can collaborate with your colleagues to view the current models in the workspace, and also push to git for storing the models.


It is a tool that people can collaborate with others on making 3D models using the browser. The 3D models can be published (push) to GIT repository. The models is saved in STL format which is a commonly used by 3D printers. User can view others work on the current workspace in real time, and also see what's the latest model published to the repository.

Judging Instructions

Please use latest version of Chrome and In case you cannot view the models:

  1. In the location bar enter "chrome://flags"
  2. Make sure the option "Override software rendering list" is eabled
  3. Restart the browswer
  4. WebGL should work now
  • What you can do: 1) New workspace 2) Save the current workspace 3) Refresh from current workspace 4) Push to git (publish) 5) Pull from git 6) Add Cube & Pyramid randomly on the space but cannot move them 7) on the space, you can drag your mouse to change viewport 8) you can also drag your mouse to change viewport in current workspace and the git published area. 9) you can open two webpages to test as two people collaborating and see the realtime update.
What they Used

Server side: express.js, aysnc, socket.io

Client side: Jquery, Three.js, orbitControl.js, underscore.js



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  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

  • judge


    Cool stuff. Not very useful in its current state but proves the concept. Would have loved to see some real-time collaborative interaction (that doesn't involve tapping the save button).

  • contestant


    Current workspace view didn't update for me. The design could be improved. It looks innovative, I didn't see any project like that before. It may be fun to play with when it's finished.

  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    Good starting point, I really can see this tool growing to be really useful.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    This is a good start. Although I cannot play it, I can understand its capability. I cannot move any 3d objects, why??

    • murvinlai

      Thanks. :) This is my first time since many years doing 3D programming and first time using Three.js

      so, for this project, we only demonstrate the basic things, like putting 3D objects, save them, collaborate and push & pull from GIT.

  • judge


    I love the idea, would be nice to have a few more objects and a bit more control on size and color. Great starting point for a project though!

    • murvinlai

      Thanks. :) First time using Three.js I will have a lot of things to learn and pick up my 3D knowledge. ^_^

  • contestant

    Cool idea!

    It looks like the collaborative part doesn't currently work, but I like the idea that this just pushed to git on the backend.

    • murvinlai

      Thanks. In the future, we will continue to work on that, and explore more in the GIT side. e.g. showing the difference of the workspace and git repo in real time, and showing different GIT commits..etc :)

  • contestant

    Editora Abril


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