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When Will My Child (WWMC)

By Wwmc

Quick Intro

WWMC is a web app for parents of normally developing children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay. WWMC is a web app for parents of developmentally delayed children to track their child’s development and be assured that everything will turn out okay.


WWMC is a child development tracking tool that allows parents of normally-developing and developmentally-delayed children to track their child's progress relative to skills development. While most websites focus on the months and years that a milestone should be reached, we hope that WWMC will let parents focus on the relationships between skills to reach the next step without worrying about time.

Judging Instructions

Before accessing the site, answer this question: Are you a parent? If not, imagine that you have a child.

Now you are a parent. That was painless, right?

Being a parent is a lot of responsibility. When your child isn't demanding your undivided attention, you might ask yourself about your child's development: Is she on track? What should she be able to do? When is she going to stop saying "No!" all the time?

You're in the right space. Log onto http://wwmc.2013.nodeknockout.com.

Notice that while there are lines at the bottom of the page, they don't exactly correspond to any specific age. There are no numbers!

We built When Will My Child without this pressure of months and years. You measure your child against herself. This is particularly important to parents of developmentally delayed children who need to know what skills their child has mastered, and what skills they need to have.

No one has better rapport with your child than you do, and no one can do more to help them develop at their speed. When Will My Child is designed to help you understand your child.

Explore the different skills. Hover over them and see that most skills have dependencies that you may not have originally thought of... like, "Walking a balance beam" requires that your child first be able to "Balance on one foot". Who knew?

Now that you see a more-clear roadmap of how your child will develop, you are more empowered and educated on how to help your child develop. You may be thinking that there is other great information that could be listed on this site... and don't worry, it's coming.

Until then, know that no matter how your child is developing, everything will be ok.

Now vote :)

What they Used

-Libraries: node 0.10, nko, express, coffee-script, mongodb, stylus, nib, connect-coffee-script, mongoose": "~3.8.0" -Client Libraries: Angular, Angular-UI, Coffee Script, jQuery, lodash, Bootstrap -Data extracted and edited from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_development_stages#Specifications_sorted_by_reached_age -Fonts: Noto Sans from Google Fonts



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  • contestant

    I'm not a parent, so I can't comment too deeply on that, but this seems very useful. Could really use screen better. Needs account system to make checkoff/alert to defecit.

    Not sure where this leverages Node versus being staticly served in current form.

  • contestant


    Wow, really useful idea! The UI is a little confusing but other than that there's a lot of great info there.

  • judge

    First off: I'm a parent. Nice stuff.

    Don't really get the utility Node provides here. Could be a static site. (Didn't down vote anything for that though.)

    • Version2beta

      Thank you, Dshaw!

      As a parent you'll probably appreciate the features we want to add - things like accounts for parents and private charts for each child you add. Parents will have public threaded conversations and private notes on child charts. If you need, you'll be able to invite other members to share your child chart - useful for working with educators and therapists and other family members. We plan to encourage therapists and professional providers to join as well, and they'll be able to create public threaded conversations called "therapies" or "exercises" that a parent can do to help a child achieve a new skill. Parents will be able to copy these to the private chart as well.

      We're not using much Node at this stage, that is true. But we definitely need it's power moving forward with this project. Working out the visualization and testing it (we did testing sessions with about a dozen parents during the competition) took most of our time. We definitely need some UI improvements still, and we're excited to start adding new features.

      Again, thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it very much!

  • judge


    As a father, i found this fascinating. That said, i really want a way to mark and record progress, so i could come back from time to time and see what new skills my little one has newly mastered.

    • Version2beta

      Seth, I'm thrilled by your review. Thank you!

      We'll definitely be adding the ability to mark and record progress. As a parent, you'll be able to create an account that will (among other things) let you make a private chart for your child to mark skills that are in progress and mastered, plus take notes and invite other users (your wife, a teacher, a speech therapist, etc.) to share your child's chart too. If you're interested in hearing more about the future of the app, check out my reply to dshaw or let me know. I'm always happy to talk about it.

  • judge


    Being an expected father, I thought the information you presented was interesting. However the app didn't seem to have much in the way of functionality.

    • Version2beta

      Scott, thank you for your review. It's particularly interesting to me because every strongly positive reviewer has indicated they are a parent, and yours is the only negative review that mentioned any children.

      We definitely plan to build out the app further, but I'd love to hear why the chart itself didn't seem functional to you in itself. I've spent a lot of time working with child development charts and I'm confident this one does way more than anything else online, so I wonder if the failure is in how I communicate that value (through the description and video as well as the UI) or if you saw it and just don't find it valuable.

      Again, thank you for your feedback - it's very much appreciated.

  • contestant


    Much UI/UX improvements needed.

  • contestant

    This is a great idea! I hope it last long after the competition ends - as a parent I'd be very interested in bookmarking this app.

    The only problem I had is I found it difficult to see what skills were highlighted when I hovered over a skill.

    One of the joys of being a parent is not just seeing what your child can do - but also the excitement of watching them move on to the next step. What I'd love to see is also highlighting possible next steps when I hover over a skill, I appreciate this could become complicated, so only 1 level deep would probably be enough.

    In Summary - great app - I hope you can keep it going after the competition ends

    • Version2beta

      Matt, these are great comments. Thank you for the feedback.

      I had that tragic moment 45 minutes after the last push where I realized I'd broken part of the CSS. In addition to making the precursor skills brighter, it was also supposed to make the other skills dimmer. My fault.

      I like your idea about showing skills that depend on the selected skill too. It'd be relatively trivial to do and even though it has a different functional purpose than showing precursors, I can see how that would be satisfying for a user.

      Again, thanks for the feedback!

    • mattyw

      You're welcome. As I said if it's going to be open source I'd be glad to help where I can.

      If you could spare a moment to judge my entry I'd appreciate it

  • contestant

    Very good concept. Now implement UI ;-)

  • judge


    Interesting idea but the UI doesn't work for me. I can't select an item and see all the other steps without scrolling. I'm not sure why this needed to be a node app vs a static page.

    • Version2beta

      It's early days right now and Node's doing data mingling and delivery mostly. Everything else this app will do requires more back end. I will differ with your low innovation score though - there are a lot of child development charts online but nobody's drawn the relationship between skills and I know from our testing that parents are really appreciating this feature.

      Thank you for your frank review, I really do appreciate it!

  • judge


    I love the premise. But I found it lacked context. Is there a timeline at the bottom? If so, what is it to scale? What do I have to input, and when is my output?

    • Version2beta

      Thank you! We put in our description and video that the timeline doesn't show months and years because the target audience, parents of children with special needs, benefit from measuring their child against him or herself rather than against a statistical norm. We're demonstrating the relationship between skills - what comes first, how do the skills build on one another.

      As a parent, I can tell you that we benefit a lot from learning about child development. In the last 18 years I've studied development charts from dozens of sources. This one is not (yet) the richest in terms of detail but showing these relationships are both novel and beneficial to how we plan our son's therapy. Our user testing over the weekend gave us excellent feedback from other parents of young or developmentally delayed children, and they've uniformly said they want to use our app.

      Thank you for your consideration!

  • contestant


    Wow, as a parent of a 2 1/2 year old I really enjoyed using this. It seemed like the dataset and the way the dependancies were visualized were spot on. Great idea!

    • Version2beta

      Ryan, thank you. You're probably about as close to our target user as we can get, and your feedback means a lot.

    • ryanstevens

      Just stretched this app out on my Apple Cinema display. Really want to tell you all this is cool to see related development milestones fire in all directions. Are you planning on building this project out? Maybe have the ability for parents to meta tag when / enhance this graph.

    • ryanstevens

      True story- I showed my wife this project. Generally speaking I never show my wife anything from our industry because she isn't super interested. Not only was she interested in this project she really really liked the entire approach to providing a non "time oriented" viewpoint of development.

    • Version2beta

      This is so cool to hear. Thank you Ryan!!!

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    The application is an interactive reference for developmental milestones. As a visualization it seems pretty good, but I am not exactly sure what information I get out of this that I couldn't just look up in a book or online. Also, the relationship between skills was a bit visually confusing. Maybe a tree or graph layout would have been better than the bar layout?

    • Version2beta

      Thank you for your feedback. The thing we've done that you can't get from any other child development chart online is the relationship between skills - this comes before that, this skill builds on these other skills. I can tell you, in planning my son's therapy, that's been a huge benefit. It wasn't until he was 9 years old that we realized there were skills that babies learn that he missed and when we went back and filled in those gaps, it unlocked a lot of progress for him.

      I agree with you the relationships aren't as clear as they should be, and I take full responsibility for that. I broke the CSS on Sunday and didn't realize it until 45 minutes after the competition closed. Ugh.

      We did consider a network graph, and our research suggested that it would be easier for more technical users but less intuitive for average users. I had a hard time seeing how to make the bar alternative work at first, but my team mates and our research convinced me.

      Again, I appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much!

  • contestant


    I don't think I full understand the concept but it looks like the functionality could be pretty cool. Are you all going to post a video?

    • Version2beta

      Joe, we finally put our pitch video up. I agree with you that more context will help, and if you'd be so kind to take a look I'd love to hear whether you think it helps. And I know that almost nobody actually reads on the internet, but the description on our page may help a little too.

      Thank you for your comments. I very much appreciate hearing from you.


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