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Quick Intro

A simple game where you can chase down your friends and shoot them in the face.


Our entry is a game where players can run around a map and shoot at other players. They can also collect medkits and their score is tracked while they are playing.

Judging Instructions

Our game currently works best in Chrome! Firefox and Safari support what we're doing, but due to some of the more advanced client JavaScript, IE is just horrible.

The controls are simple: Walk around with W,A,S,D or the arrow keys, shoot by pointing and clicking. Invite friends to open up the game as well to have them join. Want to shoot something just for fun? The crates will crack open and reveal a medpack!

What they Used

express, jade,, melon.js, underscore.js, jquery.,



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  • judge


    Really good! Minor criticisms: page layout went a bit strange on my MBA (possibly to do with the low res), and it could have been a bit easier to change shooting direction as it seemed to be stuck in one direction. Otherwise very good. Great job!

    • tstrimple

      Hey, thanks for the review! FYI you should be able to click on the screen to shoot. Wherever you click is where the projectile should go. We have noticed problems in some browsers, but Chrome seems to run everything as we intended.

  • judge

    This game is fantastic! The design is great and it works very well. Super fun. Good job guys!

  • judge


    This is super cool and really polished. I love the music :)

  • judge

    Fun little multiplayer game with some delicious 8-bit music.

  • judge


    Simple idea, but nice graphic execution to look like zelda

  • contestant


    Shooting in the face rox!

  • contestant

    Activimetrics LLC

    Hey great work. Unfortunately when I judged it no one else was playing but everything worked as described in your video.

    I gave it a low fun score because it was boring playing by myself.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Editora Abril

  • contestant

    I like the graphics. It might be nicer to have a better indication of when you're dead and successfully killed a player as well.

  • contestant

    Fun - great music and awesome to be able to drop in and out without much hassle.

  • judge


    Having made two projectile-based games for the 2011 and 2012 NKO competitions, I feel that I might end up being a bit critical on this entry.

    Utility/Fun: Multiplayer-only games are limited by the amount of fun that the people playing it are making it. In previous years, we programmed at least one CPU player that would always be moving around and attempting to "play" the game in order to make the game at least somewhat usable while visiting all alone.

    Design: I was a bit disappointed by the UI around the game. A little bit of time spent on the UI around a web-based game goes a long way. It also looks like the game art and audio came from free sources, so I can't give this game any credit for design.

    Innovation: Multiplayer top-down games are really nothing new. I would have loved to see something new and unique about this entry.

    Completeness: The game does what it says, but I find myself wishing for some really basic stuff.

    1. Names above players. How am I supposed to know who I am shooting at?
    2. Why is my character the only one with a different skin?
    3. It's really difficult to tell when you've hit someone. It took me some time playing to realize that it's probably when the player goes "invisible" for a moment
    4. Instructions in-page/game. I had to come back to the entry page to figure out what I was supposed to do.
    5. Projectile explosions: it was very difficult to tell where a projectile hit. Did it hit a rock or a player? I'm not sure, it just disappeared.
    • tstrimple

      Appreciate the review! We were actually aiming for this design. It was meant to be a retro style game. Something you might see on the NES. Definitely agree with all the other criticisms though. Just ran out of time!

    • I can completely understand running out of time. That's the fun/frustrating part of NKO!

  • contestant

    Bank of Canada

    Pretty fun. I had an issue where it was calculating the mouse location wrong (relative to the canvas instead of the page or vice versa). And it seems like there's no "max" health.

    A nice feature you could implement in the future is a room system so you can compete against your friends. Also maybe some power-ups of some sort.

    Good job for 48 hours though!

    • tstrimple

      Thanks for the review! That seems to be an issue in Firefox and Safari for some reason. Unfortunately we didn't have time to track that down, but I believe it's a bug in Melon.JS since it's handling transforming the coordinates to world space. Firing is accurate in Chrome!

  • contestant


  • judge

    Icon Venture Partners

    For a NKO game this one works well. Nothing fantastic about the game but there were no discernable issues and the play was smooth, even with lots of people. Reminded me of my Atari 2600 on 5x speed.

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Fun Game, but gets old pretty fast. I like the retro design!

  • contestant


    Fun game, great job!

  • contestant

    Shoot a random stranger for 10 minutes. Worked well. Guess your mission is accomplished :) Kewl project!

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Awesome gameplay! I didn't figure out if it's possible to get on the boat (probably not yet), but the physics work really well and the game looks nice!

  • contestant

    Retro! Would have preferred some instructions on the website itself.

  • contestant


    I like it :)

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

    Awesome game. A chat system would have gone well with this.

  • contestant


    very cool game, but feels lack of cool graphics

  • contestant
  • contestant

    the game is very fluid, very well done. It lacks a little something to make it even more addictive and fun.

  • contestant

    Looks cool. I think there's some toggling logic off on the right side for sound.

  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

    Nice work!

  • contestant

    Some potential, though a bit hard to play on a laptop (trackpad): it took me some time to figure out I could aim with the mouse cursor. Congrats on releasing a working multiplayer game on such a short amount of time!

  • contestant


    Very fun. I am in awe that this was "knocked out" in 48 hours. I got lucky and some others popped in for a couple of minutes. I shot them and am happy now.

  • contestant


    Pretty cool! Rough textures, but a solid idea and project. Reminds me of bombermine.

  • contestant


    Unfortunately no other players when I joined. But its fun and looks cool. Great work :)


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