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By Vox Software

Quick Intro

A 2D multiplayer space combat game - with physics!


Spacewar lets you fly around in space, shoot other people, and earn minerals to unlock upgrades for your ship. If you would like, you can also chat with your opponents.

Judging Instructions

Join the game, and play around.

Arrow keys to fly, spacebar to shoot.

What they Used

Express, Socket.IO, Browserify, Coffee-Physics, PIXI.js, jQuery, Angular

The same game logic code runs on both the client and the server!



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  • judge

    Very fun multiplayer game. Love the chat feature added! Good job!

  • judge


    Pretty basic, usable but nothing too spectacular.

  • judge


    This was probably my favorite game yet now that I think about it. The gravitational physics pulling you adds a great / fun twist to the game, and I could see people spending a while trying to get their hang around flying just before trying to play with others on it.

    I know this wasn't that kind of hackathon, but I really appreciate that you've even thought through monetization a bit with the "hangar" idea!

  • contestant


    The physics could be upgraded a bit - the flying is a bit hard do grasp, additionally for a game where the players must interact with each other the socket lag is to big.

  • contestant


    Worked and I like the gravity physics but you kind of over did it, I spend more time being killed by planets than people.

  • judge

    I had to take away a couple points for completeness because I ran into some bugs. (Shots coming out of nowhere).

    I think you could make the game play a bit more fun by speeding up the number of shots allowed.

    I really like the idea, and adding gravity was a nice effect. Also moving the star field was very nice. Overall, very well done.

  • judge

    Gravity was too strong, difficult to get anywhere! A mini-map would be awesome to help find people. Perhaps lag from Australia was impacting on my ability to play.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    I played alone (so I could not fully enjoy the game) but the gravity thing is fun and everything is super smooth. Nice job, congratulations!

  • contestant


    I really wanted to like this game! I have to spend so much effort not running into stars that I cannot interact with another player in any meaningful way.

  • contestant

    I loved the physics and the ablity to orbit. The parallax scrolling for space looks great! But the game is a bit hard to play


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