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By Little Workshop

Quick Intro

Milestone is a competitive card game in which you must reach the milestone of 100 commits before your opponent.


Milestone is a 2-player card game where you play as the lead developer of a software project. In order to win, you must play the right cards: some of them will add developers to your team, while other cards will give you a temporary edge. Your goal is to finish your project first. Good luck!

Judging Instructions

Enter your name and click the Play button. You will be matched against another player. When it's your turn to play, click on cards to use them. When you are done, don't forget to click the "End Turn" button so that your opponent can play.

Playing a card will cost you one or more stars. You gain one additional star at the beginning of each turn.

Your goal is to reach the maximum number of commits before your opponent.

Works in Chrome and Firefox.

What they Used, Express, Backbone, Require.js, SASS, jQuery, Underscore



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  • judge

    Enclave Games

    I really love the card descriptions and special powers! Awesome game, good work!

  • contestant


    Cool game!

  • contestant

    Really like the "Hearthstone" game but sad that it doesn't work and after a round it stop working :(

    • glecollinet

      Thanks for trying our entry. Sorry that happened to you. That probably was a temporary server issue. The game is working fine at the moment.

  • judge


    Interesting game- At first I had the video on the background while I was trying to play the game so I was super confused, but after going back and watching it I could play. I think you could probably do a better job of teaching the game inline rather than asking people to watch a separate video or have separate instructions.

    The design was pretty nice, I could think of a few minimal tweaks here and there.

  • contestant


    Fun idea and most things seemed to work as intended. The UI could use some love and a bit more explanation of the rules would help. Hope you had fun building it!

  • judge

    loved this, great idea, would be nice if it were a bit more intuitive some how, I jumped straight in and it took a while to understand the "stars" thing.

  • judge

    A surprising amount of fun. I could see myself playing with others.

    Some suggestions for gameplay: the animations are great, but having to wait for them to finish before I chose my second card is a little annoying.

    Also, I think because of the nature of the cards, there's not a lot of strategy involved. Usually I could only really play one or two cards.

    With the video intro, it was pretty obvious how to play, but I think that people who didn't see that would be confused, so I'm taking off a point for completeness.

  • The theme fits really well with the contest. It is creative. Good job!

  • judge


    Awesome game, so much fun and geeky :)

  • contestant


  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    I really like the idea & especially the "geekyness". Visually its not that appealing, but the I do like that the implementation is complete & its a nice thing for a five minute coffee break.

  • judge


    Wow! Finally a game that works and is fun. I could play this all day, which is scary because I hate being unproductive.

    The design is perfect. Every "little big detail" was covered. The Menu had a help section which really made playing easier.

    The only thing I would have added was social integration (so I could share my score), but everything else is complete. Great job.

  • contestant


    Sooo goood - I'm an MTG fan so I missed a few "twist" cards but still -great game! :)

  • judge

    Looks fun - I wasn't clear on what the strategic element of the game was. But the game itself is a pretty impressive achievement in one weekend. Very nice graphics and gameplay mechanics.

  • contestant


    Really fun game. Kind of like Software Dev The Gathering

  • contestant


    It was a little sketchy the first time I logged in, but heck... 48 hours! Very fun. I enjoyed the inside jokes and the punny names. Would play for fun. Only missing a little hand holding on the instructions and more responsive feedback.

  • contestant

    There was no opponents available, so I test it with two browsers. I like the devs jokes :-)


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