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Tidhr Reader

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Quick Intro

ATOM/RSS reader as a web app with support for 3rd party apps over REST API.


It can be used to subscribe to online feeds (ATOM/RSS) and to browse those feeds.

The service will spawns some bots to crawle those feeds for you in the background.

It also has HTTP(S)-based REST API you can use to write 3rd party apps and integrations.

Judging Instructions

We have tested the app on Google Chrome and Apple Safari but it should work on any web browser.



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  • judge


    I got raw HTML for my feed (http://feeds.feedburner.com/catonmat).

  • judge

    Filter Squad

    Hey guys - It's impressive how much you managed to get completed on the API side. I couldn't give much for the design / innovation sections, but it seems reasonably complete - there are still bugs (e.g. edge cases like invalid feeds - I tried hacker news rss and it just disappeared) and the flash of login on refresh that lost points.

  • judge
  • judge


  • contestant

    I like the lightweight UI of the app. Tried to read Hacker News but it didn't quite work :)

  • contestant


    good work team.

  • contestant

    It hangs for me. And according to what I saw in video, there is nothing new neither in UI or Reader features

  • contestant

    Useful, but not working in my tablet. Good job.

  • contestant

    It looks like you did a lot of work on the API. The site itself is pretty basic and doesn't render HTML from feed items.

    I'm not sure why I would use an API for an RSS Reader. Maybe I'm not the target audience.

    • jheusala

      Most modern web browsers don't make it easy to use RSS/atom feeds without 3rd party addons -- our API is intended to make it easy to write those addons -- a lot like like IMAP works for email, actually.

      Another reason is that when you subscribe to a feed that's already in the system (by another user), you get full history right away from our cache. Sadly we didn't get time to implement full text search in the API.

  • contestant


    The display was raw html


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