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Hack Together

By this lambda life

Quick Intro

A Geo aware hacker meetup tool.


Create hack sessions using foursquare (or not!), other hackers can see them and attend.

Judging Instructions

Use the form for hackups to create a new event. Use the 'connect to foursquare' button on the map to sign-in through foursquare.

What they Used

APIs/Services: Firebase, Cloudmade, Foursquare Tools: ClojureScript, AngularJS, Leaflet, angularFire



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  • contestant

    Great start! This app has potential !

    • keppy

      Thanks :)

  • contestant

    There are a lot of event sites out there. It could be nice if you could search for ones near you and if they where shown in the left map which seems quite useless.

  • contestant


    Added an event fine but it had no effect on the map, connected with foursquare and nothing seemed to happen except some text boxes appeared. I apologise if I was just having bad luck with it, but it doesn't seemed finished.

  • contestant


    Not sure if I was supposed to be able to see the events placed on the map? Got stuck for a bit b/c I didn't enter a description and didn't know that wasn't a valid thing to do.

    Pretty simple app, but the various pieces all worked - nice job! Hope you continue to iterate on it to organize hack days for yourself and others :)

    • keppy

      Thanks man didn't quite get it finished but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • contestant

    This could really use a pitch video. The UI doesn't make it very clear how to use it.

    The design is really neat, though.

  • contestant



SEP 17
NOV 9-11 UTC
NOV 11-17
NOV 18

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