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Zoom the balloon has always dreamed of the moon. In this simple but addicting game, let's go together!


Zoom the ballon is a native game available for download at http://zoomtheballoon.com/

Make Zoom grow with hot air to fly all the way to the moon, as fast as you can. But be careful, the clouds and stars along your way can really hurt! Once you make it to the moon, you can watch the replays of the greats!

Judging Instructions

Go to http://zoomtheballoon.com/ to get started. From there, you can download and play the game on Mac OS X or you can play the game in your web browser at http://game.zoomtheballoon.com.

Use your left and right arrows to navigate. Tap the spacebar to inflate and fly upwards. Try to avoid the clouds and stars, but reach the moon as fast as you can!

You can click on high score replays to see how the best players achieved greatness.

If the desktop version downloads do not work, you can also play the game online at http://game.zoomtheballoon.com/ which is just a web hosted version used for judging and development.

On OS X, if you get a security warning about an unsigned application, and are unable to load the game, you can right click on the app and choose "Open" and click through the warning that way.

The game features an original score and sound effects by Will Farrell, and original graphics by Marissa Epstein.



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  • judge


    Zoom the Balloon is fantastically creative. The design and polish is great for a hackathon project and the idea of using node-webkit to make a downloadable game is also great.

  • judge


    Great game, but it was a bit weird that I had to download it - I think it'd be better just to link people to the online version by default, maybe there's some reason you decided not to just do this?

    • cpjolicoeur

      Yes, one of the interesting/innovative ways we were trying to utilize node this year was via using node-webkit to make the project playable as a standalone app in addition to the regular browser-based play as in Node Knockouts of the past.

      We thought it was a good showcase of where node has come and alternative ways to use the technology outside of the norm.

  • judge


  • judge


    This is a fun game, I like the double mechanic of going faster and being fatter :).

  • judge
  • judge
  • judge

    Node Knockout

    Nice game, though got a bit repetitive. Could have used some multiplayer! Great work in the limited time though

  • judge

    Enclave Games

    Great game, awesome design - I really enjoyed playing it. Good work!

  • judge


  • judge

    Keychain Logistics

  • judge


    I like the music a lot!

  • judge


    The game is definitely one that's been done before, but I still thought it deserved 4 stars for innovation due to the native packaging with node webkit and exploring HTML 5 game distro methods. Design was very nice, and the polish level on the game was high. Great work in 48 hours!

  • judge

    Project Propeller

  • judge


    The first time I saw your project I didn't even try it because I had to download it. It ended up coming up for vote again and then I noticed that theres a web version. Why not just use that? I ended up playing both just to see if there was an obvious advantage to the native app and they seemed pretty comparable as far as performance.

    The design is good and I LOVE the music! Awesome job!

    I played and died quickly and got bored and quit. There a probably hundreds of games with this mechanic of floating or bouncing up through obstacles. Then I remembered that I was trying to get to the moon, not just seeing how much higher I could go. So I had to make it to the moon to see what was there. Once I made it, I saw the moon for a brief second and they it cut me back out to the main menu. Thats a sucky reward. I wanted to orbit the moon, discover aliens and shoot off fireworks. Anyway, gotta fix that ending, I felt kind of shafted but with some tweaking it could be awesome.

  • judge


  • contestant

    I really don't understand why the web version is hidden in the description here and the video. I imagine a lot of people will hit the site, see it's a Mac app, then skip it. I almost stopped watching the pitch video at that point until it mentioned the web-based version.

    The game itself is pretty basic and the controls felt a little awkward, although the native app might feel better.

  • Fun to play! Simple concept but challenging. Great graphics and I love the original music! Sometimes I hit a balloon and didn't lose health, and sometimes I lost 2 hearts when I hit a cloud once. But it's still addicting!

  • judge


    Looks pretty nice. Cool to have a download and use of tech. Not sure the game is interesting enough to keep wanting to play

  • judge
  • contestant


  • judge

    great work!

  • judge

    Fun game!

  • contestant

    Focus the Web

    Nice game! I really like the replay feature.

  • contestant


  • contestant


  • contestant


    I love the design - the gameplay (physics) requires a bit of work to me more fun, and maybe multiplayer? Sweet game though.

    P.s. Great use of node-webkit!

  • contestant

    Awesome time killer! But it will be good to see this game in browser or on mobile device.

  • contestant


    I like the balloon, very cute!

  • contestant


    Cute game, cute music, hardcore difficulty.

  • contestant

    Impressive design for just 2 days of work. Got old pretty fast though. It also would have been nice to be able to play it online.

  • judge


    Very addicting. Great design.

  • contestant


  • judge


    The graphics are very cute. The idea of this game has been done many times before however, so it's not that innovative. The one bug I had was trying to view replays, in that it did load, but it showed a blue screen over it, then would start playing after I moved my mouse off of it. However, it was still a fun little game.

    • samccone

      Hi Zachbruggeman, I agree this type of game has been done many many times. We were really trying to do something different in the delivery, (using node webkit) to compile a native desktop app, As well as implementing a game replay feature. We strived to make a very complete game from the graphics down to the sound effects and music.

      I am sorry if you encountered some bugs, I would recommend using the downloadable version, or playing in chrome at game.zoomtheballoon.com

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • contestant

    Well done! The replay feature was a great idea!


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