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Geo Messenger

By The Nic Cages

Quick Intro

Geo-Messenger allows you to easily send instant messages to other nearby users. Only users within 5 kilometers of you will receive your messages.


Geo-Messenger allows you to easily send instant messages to other nearby users. Currently, all users within 5 kilometers of the sender will receive messages. This could be useful for users looking for others to grab a coffee with, or businesses looking to run extremely time-limited local promotions. The local aspect makes sense in these circumstances because a person is going to want to get a coffee with someone that can get there quick, and a small business could focus on local customers.

Judging Instructions

Visit the url in a browser, ideally on a mobile phone for more accurate geolocation information. Once on the page you can send messages to people within a certain distance of your location, and change your display name. You can also view a list of users using the "Nearby Users" tab to see who will receive messages that you send.

What they Used, Twitter Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome



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  • judge


    Fun concept and a nice twist on messaging. Would be fun at a large public event or in a disaster relief scenario or as a sort of SOS to nearby people if you've found yourself in trouble.

  • judge


    The app didn't work for me. It's a cool idea, but didn't feel complete.

  • judge

    As an app I think this has a lot of potential, and while simple it's well executed. I think the opportunity of this app is not so much as connecting with random strangers in the area for coffee, but rather the sharing of timely information (such as traffic, and maybe events of note - "amazing busker here at the moment").

    • RyanNielson

      Thanks for the feedback. Ya, we were thinking something similar. The chat aspect is a good proof of concept, but there are many directions it could go. From advertising, to what you've mentioned.

    • webbtj

      Yeah, that was actually one of the scenarios we used to pitch the idea internally was the traffic scenario. This was really a jumping off point for us, we plan on taking some of the great feedback we've received and seeing where that takes us.

  • contestant
  • contestant
  • contestant

    The idea behind this could actually work for a fairly promising advertising platform for small businesses. As-is, it's fairly useless, in my opinion, but I definitely like the concept. Geo-messaging is also integrated into a number of mobile apps, so while I do like the idea it's not particularly innovative.

    I like the basic design, but there were a couple of UI quirks I didn't enjoy. Firstly, the messages do not go in time order, they put the newest at the top (which is weird as the UI reminds me of IRC, which works the other way). Also, messages do not have timestamps, which is not ideal. To be honest, I'd probably have felt more comfortable with an IRC-style interface (users on the right, messages on the left) than the tabs that were presented.

    In terms of completeness, I think the core feature set is there, but it would be nice to see other areas of the globe where people are currently online, and some other stats like that to make the system seem more life-like.

    Overall, I can see promise in the platform, but not particularly this application, but the implementation seems pretty robust. Good work :)

  • contestant


    I had a similar idea :) cool stuff guys!

  • judge

    Very cool idea - it would be cool to be able to search messages around a location, sort of like the geolocated twitter we've been promised for a while. Or limit friends to receiving the message. I like the idea - shows promise.

  • judge


    works with chrome but not firefox / safari. So I fired up secret mode and chatting worked.

  • contestant

    Geospatial Niagara

    The possibilities for this are incredible, not only in communication and marketing but also in terms of information provision - for example walking through a historical site and receiving information about certain locations or areas of interest.

    I love anything Geo-location!

    • RyanNielson

      Geolocation is certainly super cool, and I can't wait for it to become more prevalent. There are a lot of directions we could take this. So it comes down to decided if we want to expand this idea, and in what direction.

  • contestant



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