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By The Heisenbergs

Quick Intro

Poker table in your laptop, your cards in your smartphone.


Simple poker game, with a twist on the display. On your laptop you see what's going on at the table, but your cards and your turns are played through your smartphone

Judging Instructions

The idea is to display the table (cards and bets) of a poker game in a screen visible to all players, but the hand of each user is displayed on a mobile device and all that information is private. When you enter to the main URL, an automatic user is created and can join to any table (if it is not full) , then, you recieve a code (which is the game_id) and you join the table to play the traditional Texas Hold'em.

What they Used

Npm packages: express, nko (of course), mongodb, html, ejs, pusher, monk, socket.io, hoyle Libraries: Angular.js DB: MongoDB


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  • contestant

    I liked the look and feel of the app.

    Cheers! Richard

  • judge


  • contestant


    Interesting idea.

  • judge

    Visiting the website on my mobile showed "that room is full, enter code to request a room" regardless of the room entered.

    Cool concept, though.

  • judge

    Wish I could get it to work, great idea of using multiple devices, I'd love to have a go when this has matured a little more. Keep it up!

  • judge


    I wasn't able to get this to work, but I love the idea! There should have been a twitter hookup to this so that you could identify the users that are playing. Maybe even show their avatar around the table. Then on my smartphone, it would have also prompted me to auth and that would connect my two accounts.

  • judge

    Khan Academy

    This looked really interesting! I was unable to get this working. I attempted to join different games and nothing happened - I wasn't presented with a code (which was requested on my mobile device). I eventually started entering the room numbers but it didn't give me any indicator if it was working or not. Would be interesting to see this in action!

  • judge

    Nice job!

  • contestant

    Awesome idea. I wondered before, why isn't there a serious HTML5 poker site out there? Nice twist with the phone 'as cards'. Good job.

  • contestant


    Love poker games - I think this can really mimic the real experience when there players have no chance to meet in person.

  • contestant


    great work!

  • contestant

    Nice application

  • contestant

    BMK Solutions

    Nice. A lot done in 48 hours! Love it.

  • contestant


    I got into a weird state where my browser showed me as user "Casper", but my smartphone got into the room as a different user, and I couldn't do anything b/c everything was waiting on the first user to do something. But I understood the concept.

    Not sure what the point is of keeping the card information private by putting it on your phone when you're already anonymized and hidden from view since you're playing over the internet. I guess if you had two people playing on one computer? Dunno. The mobile phone / desktop bridge idea was pretty cool though, and I can see its applications elsewhere.

    Nice job overall though! As with all the other realtime/multiplayer options on the knockout I've tried, it sucks that there just aren't enough people online to make it that fun while judging.

  • judge

    Automattic (formerly Cloudup)

    The Screencast was set to Private in YouTube :( Then I tried to play the game, and joined a room with apparently 4/6 people in it. I was told to go to a very long URL via my mobile phone (a shortened URL would have been preferred) and on top of that the page that loaded said that all rooms were full. I had to guess my room number via the URL in my game (3), and then I was given a hand in poker (2 queens). None of the 3 buttons were clickable on the phone though. I guess it wasn't my turn? Overall needed a lot more polish. Would like to see it get more features in the future though!

    • francorest

      The video was fixed! Thanks for the feedback!

  • contestant

    I'm likin the design.


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