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Parallel Mind

By Abrasive Mind

Quick Intro

the first massive multiplayer code breaking game :)


I would like to make a multiplayer game playable alone or with friends. It uses the same rules than the classical mastermind, but with digit instead of color.... all the player in a room are trying to guess the same secret number. You are able to play without registering, but it's better to take a name (get ranking, and visit the others rooms). The Bots Arena room is featuring special IA.

Judging Instructions
  1. enter some digits. I suggest to start by 1234 then 5678. No need to press [enter], just wait for the timer (the dot line in the upper right corner). all the digits you press are used to play. Your code is evaluated if any of the players in the room has a full guess (4 digits).

  2. if you press alphabetic keys, the text is used for the chat. I've added the chatbox in the last 30 minutes, it's not really functional (no ponctuation for exemple). you can't use digits [0..9] for the chat.

  3. click on the link "change your name" in the upper right corner, and set a nickname

  4. you can click on the room name in the box on the right side to change room or view the leaderboard

  5. it's a multiplayer game (powered by nodejs ;-)) so it's better to play with other players (all players in a room are trying to guess for the same code). If there is no friend online, you may try the red room.

  6. the rules are a variation of the original mastermind rules:

  7. try to earn the highest score in the judge category. you will win... haem... my eternal consideration ;-)

I've only tested on the last version of chrome and firefox. It won't probably works on older IE version.

What they Used

libraries:, express, mongodb, bcrypt


  • jiel — Rennes, Brittany


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Other Votes

  • contestant


    Pretty fun and challenging.

    It wasn't clear how the mechanics of the multiplayer worked at the start. Not sure why there was a countdown to register guesses.

    • jiel

      Thanks for your feedback. The countdown is not usefull if you play alone. I set it for multiplayer purpose, because if the game evaluates the combination as soon as it has been entered, the others players don't have time to think, and it's very disappointing, especially if the first player plays badly.

  • contestant

    Interesting Mastermind concept! The "Bots Room" is cool as well!

  • judge


    fun game! makes my brain work/hurt ;-)

  • contestant

    Very difficult to navigate. I didn't know anything about "matermind" so a quick start or guide would have been very helpful.

    • jiel

      Thanks for your vote and fair notation. BTW, the rules of the games are really simple and oh... There are on the homepage of the game and if you want know more, I gave a link to the wikipedia page in my team page.

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

    Nice game. Better if I can play with my friends instead of Anonymous. Some social network integration perhaps.

    • jiel

      Thanks for your feedback. I've an Anonymous player staying in the Lobby since few hour, but he doesn't play ^^. BTW, I have try to play with some other player and it's a bit... stressful :)

    • mnmtanish

      Just curious, is it me or is this game really really hard?

    • jiel

      According to wikipedia, with the original rules (4 holes, 6 colors) the mathematicians Kenji Koyama and Tony W. Lai found a method that required an average of 5625/1296 = 4.340 turns to solve, with a worst case scenario of six turns. I'm not sure with my variant (4 holes, 10 colors/digits), but I set a maximum of 7 rounds, so yes, you can lost with only a player. Now I left only one bot in the red room, and as you can see, she doesn't win every time even if she can easily compute the 10000 combinations. But if I put three bots, they win every time in 3 or 4 turns, because more combination are evaluated each turn. BTW, a single player, with some method can earn quite often.

    • mnmtanish

      I'll give it another shot. Thanks for the info :)

  • judge

    Pivotal Labs

    I used to really love Mastermind :D. UI made it a little confusing what game I was playing in, and what was going on, but I figured it out eventually.

  • judge


    Leaving and entering a room creates a duplicate player. UI is very functional. Real time component works well. The bots room is pretty cool.

  • contestant


    Simple and playable - nothing out of the ordinary - complete and working ;]

  • judge

    Good implementation of a classic game, and nice job building an AI too.

  • contestant

    Got it. It’s a cool game. I love simple game.

    • jiel

      Thank you for your feedback :)

  • contestant

    The UI made it hard to figure out how to use the site, but the idea is cool. I liked the bot section, but it was too fast.

    • jiel

      Thanks for you vote. Anyway the bot section is not for real people ^^

  • contestant




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