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Quick Intro

apímon is a utility for monitoring 3rd party api’s and letting you know when they are down, underperforming or returning invalid data. We parse the JSON and look for expected data instead of relying on regex to check the data.


apímon is a utility for monitoring 3rd party api’s and letting you know when they are down, underperforming or returning invalid data. We parse the JSON and look for expected data instead of relying on regex to check the data.

Judging Instructions

When you connect the first time, we generate three sample api monitors for you (one that works, one that 404's and one that doesn't return data we expect) so you can dive right in and see things in action. These monitors are unique to each user so feel free to add, delete or modify api monitors all you want. The only UI element that isn't explicit is that you can click on any of the monitors in the list view and see more info. Feel free to add your own monitors, just keep the frequency above 5000ms please. I don't want to overload this virtual server or abuse an API.

What they Used
  • Framework: Express.js
  • Database: Redis
  • Authentication: Passport
  • Flow Control: Step
  • API: Sample monitors are testing against a live SPAS instance (the maturation of our 2012 entry) but you can add more

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  • judge

    This is a very helpful app. Definitely important to know this information with your website and even better when its automated. Great job!

  • judge

    At a conceptual level this is definitely something I would use. That said, really only the simplest use cases of REST API testing is catered for in the current app. For examples, I can see the need to check response status codes, response headers, provide request body for testing how the API responds, etc.

    The design is very well done though, and the features that you have provided are very well polished. Nice Job.

  • contestant

    Bank of Canada

    Has a lot of potential, and I definitely liked the simple interface. It's a lot less cramped than other tools that do something similar. It would make this tool much more useful for existing businesses if you could monitor api's that don't output JSON data though.

  • judge


    Really nice work. It performs a bona-fidely useful service, and the design is clean, elegant, and easy to read. Excited to see something so nice from some Houston homeboys!

    • dtex

      Wow, thanks for the kind words!

  • judge


    I really like this product! Perhaps add more validator types besides JSON and if you can, allow the user to dig deeper on why the response failed and how to solve those issues.

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Awesome looks, sadly it seems to crash on adding a custom API, also perhaps it's me but I don't really understand waiting for 20 sec to actually show data?

    • dtex

      Sorry to hear that. Can I ask what API URL you were using? I'd like to test.

      We only wait 20 seconds because line graphs with 1 data point are pretty uninteresting. Our samples are set to 10000ms refresh so 20 seconds get us 3 points resulting in a better presentation.

    • dtex

      Swaagle, took a look in our logs. You were trying to check uptime on an HTML page. THis is specifically for checking api's that serve JSON.

  • contestant


    If this had a mobile app with alerts and auto api-fallbacks integration it would be great.

  • contestant


    So useful app guys! Hoping to use that at my APIs if you got it as a service.

  • judge


    Interesting product. It could be very useful in a CI environment or just as a developer using some of the latest tools.

  • contestant

    The chart looks very useful!

  • contestant

    Great tool!

    Any plans to add OAuth?

    • dtex

      Yes. oauth, twilio integration for alerts, functions for validation instead of JSON fingerprints (security issues) were just the few of things we would have added if this had been a 72 hour programming contest ;-)

  • judge


  • contestant


    Great tool. Definitely has high potential for use in a production system that depends on other API's.

  • contestant
  • contestant


    Worked well when I tried it on the Reddit API, and looks like it could be very useful! It would be nice to have email and/or text message notification options in case one of these APIs goes down.

    • dtex

      Thanks! We wanted to integrate with Twilio. We just ran out of time this weekend so we will get it in after the judging.


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