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Voxel Sphero

By Team Voxel Sphere

Quick Intro

voxeljs based Sphero simulator with hardware connection capability (although not available on the deployed version).


Two parts to the project. First the simulator is based around voxeljs and (will) emulates the spheron module API.

The second part, demonstrated in the project video show the actual hardware moving in tandem to the voxeljs world controller. The screencast video was lost, so until I have time to record another demo just the hardware portion is visible.

Judging Instructions

! WATCH THE VIDEO ! It will make more sense.


Check out the voxel world! Marvel at the craftsmanship of the Sphero. Use the locally sourced, artisanally crafted controls to roll the Sphero around. If you watch the video at the same time you can also pretend to be driving the real thing!

What they Used

voxeljs spheron socket.io



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  • judge

    Coded Inc.

    Looks great! First time I read about Voxel. However, I feel the demo video could have been a little more impressive showing what useful/fun things you can do with it. Great job!

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Really good fun and very cool little project :)

  • judge


    this app was awesome. very innovative to integrate hardware and the web!

  • contestant

    Australian Antarctic Division

    Nailed it! I want a Sphero now!!

  • judge


    I'm having a hard time judging this, because I'm not sure exactly what you did for this project. It looks like the spheron repo gives you 90% of what you needed, then you just pieced together some input from voxeljs, routed it through socket.io, straight to spheron?

    What is the motivation for this? What uses could it hold in the real world outside of just rolling a ball around on the floor within bluetooth range of my computer?

    • morganrallen

      The Spheron portion of was very small. The major portion of coding was putting the bot into voxeljs. The real world usage is using sensor feedback from the robot to lay out maps in voxeljs. While sounding mildly silly when done with such a simple robot, the concept Similtanius Location And Mapping is a very serious field of study.

  • contestant

    Nice, saw your demo during the stream, works well!

  • contestant

    I wish I could rate it higher, but it's a little hard to enjoy without the physical Sphero present.

  • contestant


    Nice idea - it's a shame that it's not really testable - some kind of emulator for the hardware device would we cool.

    • morganrallen

      Maybe I need to detail my description better. But the voxel-sphero is that emulator/simulator. This demo is just lacking the hardware control.

  • contestant

    New Relic

    Awesome! i don't know what's reality any more.

  • judge


    Also lacking a sphero. Controlling physical devices from the browser is sweet! Can't wait to see what else you can do with it when you have more time.

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    I don't have a sphero, so I couldn't test it out. The regular voxel.js app did work though, and I was able to roll the ball around.


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