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Take co-authoring to the next level with Tandem. Virtually collaborate on your next masterpiece with authors around the world. Ready to get started?


Users connect with their github.com account. Start writing books with the ability to collaborate with other github.com users. Edits are auto saved in realtime with the ability to commit changes incrementally. See live diffs of your work in progress while editing and add chapters. Communicate with co-authors as you write with the in-book chat.

Judging Instructions

When adding co-authors the field takes the github.com username of the person to be invited. They must also have previously logged into the site because we search our local mongodb for the user.

What they Used

https://code.google.com/p/google-diff-match-patch JQuery EmberJs UnderscoreJs Twitter Bootstrap CSS Grunt Express Jade Socket.io Mongoose Gift Passport Passport-github Mkdirp Util-extend Nodemon Uglify LessCSS Github API Git locally MongoDB



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  • judge


    This could be cool but I got a chrome error when I tried to use it, and it didn't actually create the book for me in github.

  • judge

    Project Propeller

    Good idea to solve, appreciate the focus on the specific market. Personally would like to have had seen design completed and make the collaboration value tighter.

  • judge

    Cool concept to allow multiple authors to collaborate on a single interface. Still a tricky problem to solve but cool nonthless.

  • judge


    Perhaps the best team name ever ;)

    Really cool idea. This has been talked about for awhile. I think a few other have tried. I'm not a creative writer so it's hard for me to really use but I like it.

    The design was great until I got to the editing page it felt a little clunky. It also wasn't clear to me how to save what I had written. Apparently it does it automatically. Might be good to enunciate that a bit more.

  • contestant


    Well this is just awesome. Works very well and has very nice visuals. I love how it reminds me of an O'Reilly book, and that 3D book effect is hawt. Great work!

  • contestant

    Good idea, great execution – looks quite complete! The design needs some polishing, though.

  • contestant

    Wish a better layout on the book edit page. But in general I really appreciate usefulness of the idea.

  • contestant

    Arizona School for the Arts (student)

  • contestant


    I find it very useful to collaborate on blog posts with my collegues - nice :)

  • contestant


    I really like this. It was unclear why y'all needed write privileges in github though. I assumed this created a public repo at github for me, but didn't find one. If this could work with private github repos, and a more sophisticated inline editor I could totally see going to our copy writers and saying "hey guys try this for collaborative projects".

  • contestant


    Great idea and works really well! Very nice design too. It would be cool to be able to go back and view the diffs of historical revisions, and basic formatting (e.g. bold, font size) would be nice as well.

  • contestant
  • judge

    I like the idea - very cool for one weekend of work. I wonder if you need more of a Google Docs or otherwise richer text editing style for writers (ma ybe I missed that) if you take this to production. But I can definitely see the utility of this.

  • judge


    I was able to use the site and it worked as the author said. Idea itself is not new. https://www.penflip.com like co autoring tools are already on productions

  • judge

    Great job guys. Tandem is really neat. The quality of the design was a little off but the idea of using the git platform for book creation is definitely something with a lot of potential. If this is a project you intend to work on in the long haul, here are some suggestions 1) Don't restrain your service to just "Books", building it around all written projects, like articles, poems, even essays would make your idea way more valuable. 2) Make your design more interesting. The current design is kind of lacking, if the UI was more appealing, I would have given 4 or 5 stars in design. 3) Make note of the fact that git is a product used my only programmers at this point and products like there and GitHub (they are currently trying to be more mainstream and essentially do what Tandem does) are trying to expand outside the reach of using git for only source code. Having this as your brand appeal would make such a product worthy of being startup material.

  • judge


    Interesting idea. Nice collaboration tool. I didn't notice that it put the contents into github.

  • contestant

    Brightcove, Inc

    Seems really useable and awesome! The one thing I'm not sure of is what's supposed to happen with actual editing. Live chat works great, but I can't see input from another browser live. I didn't hold this against Tandem because I couldn't tell if it was because I was just logged in as myself in two windows.


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