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By Team Slickage

Quick Intro

Virality is an analytics platform for measuring and visualizing how posts become viral.


Virality is an analytics platform for measuring how posts become viral. Most social media platforms have some form of measurement to determine popularity, whether it be likes, dislikes, views, or comments. Reddit is just one of these sites that can be used to get this type of measurement. The goal of Virality is to visualize the path to virality for a post.

How does Virality work? Virality has simple architecture. We store data about posts in preset intervals of time. We make sure we do this from only once place, the server, so that we do not run into issues with API rate limits that are imposed. We collect this data and calculate the change in virality of each post. This then allows us to send real-time notifications of these changes to to users who are interested in monitoring the virality of a post.

What does the technical stack look like? Virality is backed by a Node.js server. Node is used to periodically go out and collect data about Reddit posts. The poller connects to the Reddit API and stores the collected stats in MongoDB. Node.js is also used for the API backing Virality. When data is requested from the API stats are calculated and returned. Notifications are sent to the clients using server-sent events (SSE).

Judging Instructions

(Currently MongoHQ instance experiencing a lot of load. Waiting to delete some data since we've reached the limit.) How to use Virality (

  • Choose a subreddit from the left side. The posts for that subreddit will appear in a masonry grid.
  • Choose a post that you would like to get the stats on and click the "Stats" link. A chart will appear on the right showing the virality of the post.

Browsers: Chrome, Safari. Should work with most webkit enabled browsers. Does work with Firefox but some background styles will not render properly.

What they Used

JavaScript Libraries:

  • Node.js
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Masonry
  • AngularJS
  • High Charts
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome

APIs Used:

  • Reddit API


  • MongoDB


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  • judge


    I like this idea. Seems like a simple way to track the effectiveness of posts. I like that it didn't require authentication to try it out; You could follow any post you're interested in. Clear use case for marketing. The design could be more modern. Unfortunately, the demo is not loading posts right now so I can't say it's complete. Love the realtime featue.

    • wangbus

      Our mongo instance is at the limit. Will let you know to try again.

    • jsakuda

      I just doubled checked the capacity of the MongoHQ instance. It was completely empty. I'm not sure why... I restarted the process to start collecting data again so the posts and stats should start returning now. Unfortunately we won't have much historical data for a while.

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Activimetrics LLC

    So the idea is pretty good, but all of the stats were flat for me, and just marched along. It could be that your db instance is full up, perhaps. Would be more useful if you could see more stats or trends, get more insights.

  • judge
  • contestant


  • judge

    Nicely done UI and visualization for dataset.

  • judge


    Interesting, and may be somehow useful. It would be nice to have historic data presented in a line plot instead of a bar chart.

    • wangbus

      Thanks for the input. Bar charts vs lines are a toss up. Ultimately, the user would be able to configure the look and feel of the charting.

  • contestant

    Good concept, UI could use polish and links / images could be bigger.

  • contestant


    I wasn't getting stats for some reason. Not sure if it's just me so I'll watch for replies and revisit my vote if it seems to be working for others.

    • wangbus

      MongoHQ isn't clearing up our data and I think we might be breaking through the limits of the existing (free) instance. Looking into it.

    • wangbus

      Fixed now I think.

    • dtex

      Yep, it's working for me now. I'll update my vote

    • wangbus


  • contestant

    Great idea of a product that is a really useful in the field of marketing nowadays. A lot of different analytics tools and UIs would be useful to add. :)

    • wangbus

      Great input. Thanks!

  • contestant

    nice work

  • contestant


    user experience doesn't help to understand what's going on here, graphics didn't work

    • wangbus

      What part of the graphics didn't work?

    • voronianski

      yeah, actually they work, but response was too long they I thought that all of them are 0

  • contestant


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