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Truth And Dare

By Team Ninja

Quick Intro

Truth And Dare is an online multi-player game where at most five users can play truth and dare by spinning the beer bottle and we have live video stream so that no one can escape the heat. The original "Truth or Dare" experience!


Its a game made to have fun with your friends sitting at different locations just hit the URL and dare to play "Truth And Dare". Inviting your friends is as easy as typing their mobile numbers. Invites are directly sent to your friends mobile phone which takes the effort out to reach your friends.

Judging Instructions

All browsers with WebRTC support will have the app working smoothly. Start a game by clicking on the "Start a game" button, invite your friends by sending an sms and wait for your friends to connect. As soon as another player connects you are taken to the main game screen which has a bottle on a table along with live streams of people connected. One of the player needs to spin the bottle so that game begins. Once the bottle stops, look at where it is pointing. Identify the player and give him/her a "Truth or Dare". Enjoy!

What they Used

SimpleWebRTC Socket.IO Node.js Twilio jQuery HTML5 CSS3



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  • judge

    Enclave Games

    Simple game, but quite enjoyable.

  • judge


    It's just video chat + text chat + a spin the bottle.

    I was expecting it to at least guide the participants through the game.

  • judge

    Maybe try to improve the UI more

  • judge


    Fun game. I like how the team has used webrtc stuff for webcams. It wasn't clear how to get it working before watching the screencast.

  • judge


    seems like a fun way to communicate.

  • judge


  • contestant


    I really like the design. It would have been nice to have a single player mode too with randomly generated truths or dares.

  • contestant


  • contestant
  • contestant

    nice idea

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Nice :) I personally would have preferred if it were with strangers, ChatRoulette style, though, things could get hairy!


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