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Quick Intro

GitHub + Chat = :D


Instead of reinventing the wheel, Hub adds on to every developer's favorite tool, GitHub. When you login with Hub, you are presented with a list of the organizations you have access to and each of their repos (which act as rooms). This allows devs to seamlessly communicate with other members of their team in an organized fashion. Hub also allows open-source projects to easily provide chatrooms for their maintainers. This greatly simplifies the process and lowers the barrier to entry for new users significantly. Project maintainers no longer have to worry about explaining IRC rooms to new members.

It also takes it's integration with GitHub to the extreme and automatically adds commit messages, issues, pull requests, and more into each repo's chat. You no longer have to worry about telling the team that there's a new pull request, it's automatically displayed for all.

Hub allows you to get back to what really matters, coding, and communicating with your team, by working with the tools you already know and love.

Our MVP is a very simple web app that uses websockets for rooms, but in the future, we plan to create a full API and native OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android clients. Because of Hub's modular nature, we're able to allow developers to tap into rooms to create IRC-like integrations with other platforms.

Judging Instructions

Sign up with GitHub and click one of the rooms that you're a member of on the left. In order for this to work, you need to be a member of at least one GitHub organization. The magic happens if you can get someone else from that organization to hop on so you can chat.

What they Used
  • Express
  • Redis
  • GitHub API
  • Passport
  • Mongoose / MongoDB


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  • judge


    I could see myself practically using Hub for OSS chat/collaboration. Big plus points for inline display of changes/issues/PRs as that's the first thing that came to mind after playing with the chat. One thing I'd consider doing is trying to streamline the user interface a little. Rather than displaying all of the repos at the side, you could hide them behind an autocomplete field or dropdown and provide more room for the chat window. Otherwise, great work!

  • contestant

    Chat on github project is really a nice idea!

  • judge

    Sorry, but I can't give you access to my private repos.

  • judge


  • contestant

    Arizona School for the Arts (student)

  • contestant

    For implementation, it doesn't let me login, but appears to be a chat client with GitHub Oauth? Video and the app lack visual design, but the landing page and idea are excellent!

  • contestant


    Great idea! I like this a lot, and could definitely see myself using it.

    Is there a way to scale back the permissions it asks for though?

    • penman

      Awesome, thanks!

      Unfortunately, GitHub doesn't give us enough control over the permissions we ask for for us to be more specific. :(

  • judge


    Hey guys! Bummer, it's actually not working right now (6:15pm PST 11/14/2013). I tried to do the GitHub oAuth and got a 500 from the server after I authorized the app. So I have to go off what I saw in the video.

    I like the idea of tying a team chat directly to GitHub. The organization structures and "nouns" of GitHub would be great for a chat system. One app I really like in this vein is Flowdock ( You can pull in GitHub activity, but also other sources like JIRA, Trello, etc. so all your team's tools can fuel discussion. I think for internal dev teams, Hub would be less useful, but for OSS projects where it's not feasible to have the entire team onboarded to a single tool, this would be a great solution. LMK if the server comes back up and I should try again.

    Sidenote: Ross is my hero, what a busy hacker :)

  • contestant


    Oh ! I really can give up hipchat lol !

  • judge

    Khan Academy

    Definitely an interesting concept. Asking for access to my private repos irked me as did asking for write access. A little bit challenging to use (although that could be because I have access to so many repos). Not that much in the way of innovation though - although I'm very interested to see where it goes!

    • penman

      Thanks John!

      Unfortunately GitHub don't give us enough control over the permissions we ask for to not ask for write access.

      The main feature of Hub is that it shows GitHub activity in line with the chat messages. In order to do this we need to be able to register for webhooks, so it's possible that write permissions are required for that. (One of my teammates would have to confirm.)

      A lot of people have told us that they would rather Hub did not ask for private repo access. We didn't realise this would be a problem, but we would definitely consider making it optional in the future.

  • contestant

    Why the hack you need read/write permissions for my github repos? 's absolutely unsafe...

    • ws

      Let's break this down, shall we?

      • Utility/Fun: Even if you weren't comfortable giving us the API access required in order to make the app work, couldn't you judge this based on the description and video provided? I don't think it's fair to say that the app isn't useful or fun because you didn't read the information on why we need that API level.
      • Design: How could you possibly give us a 1 star on design because you didn't like the permission level we needed with GitHub? We provided a video for you to see it, and the frontpage doesn't require any auth. If you did find the design that bad, why didn't you comment on it? You could give us a bit more detail on what we needed to improve.
      • Innovation: Because of permission levels, the app is somehow not innovative? I don't see the connection. Again, some information of why you found it un-innovative would be greatly appreciated.
      • Completeness: With all due respect, this is something you really don't have the authority to be judging on. You are creating the barrier to entry, so you can't possibly get into the app and review it's completeness. There is no way to judge on completeness without seeing the complete app. There is no way to see the complete app without granting us the proper permissions required by GitHub. Therefore you really shouldn't be judging the app if you don't feel comfortable giving us the proper permissions.

      It's pretty clear that this has nothing to do with the actual app, and is instead an attempt to sabotage our ratings in order to boost yours.

      That's a shitty thing to do.

      Frankly, I could care less about the prizes/title, but I do care that you're needlessly assaulting our app for your personal gain. Remember that hackathons are about having fun, not cutthroat competitions.

      Grow up.

    • leventehollo

      Sorry guys, I didn't want to make you upset. Votes are editable and I just did not found any other way to send you a message. My plan was that if I get a reasoned answer for my question then I try it and give a reasonable vote for you. Actually, I didn't get an answer for my question, Of course I understand why you need the API permissions, but still.....I think giving WRITE permission for PRIVATE repos is unacceptable. But let's pretend that as if it were my first comments, right? I've created a new github account to sign up your app. First strange thing is url redirets me to I clicked to Sign Up button, I got Internal Server Error. I tried it again, granted access to your app which followed by endless loading.... Am I doing something wrong? I've edited my last vote based on the video and the frontpage. I'm gonna edit it again if I managed to use the app. And please, forgive me about my previous vote, not meant to be final.

    • penman


      Yeah, we sometimes get an Internal Server Error because of GitHub rate limits.

      Unfortunately, GitHub doesn't give us enough control over the permissions we ask for. We think they're a bit excessive too.

      If no rooms are showing up for you, it's possible that your new account isn't in any organisations - currently, only rooms for organisation repos are displayed.

      Hope this helps! :)

    • lennykhazan

      The URL redirect is simply because we did not have time to specify our team name before the subdomains were set up, so Node Knockout set up a DNS mapping for us.

  • contestant


  • contestant
  • contestant


    Chat with github account - nice and simple ;]

  • judge


    Nice work. The concept of working around repos and orgs fits perfectly with the way oss works. And I was impressed you were able to add activity into the room.

    Like some others down here I wasn't able to auth. Probably a github api problem (it's happened to me in a hackathon before).

  • contestant

    cool, good work team!

  • contestant

    Geospatial Niagara

    Great idea. Great utility.

  • contestant


    I get an internal server error when I try to log in.

    • ws

      GitHub rate limits :(

  • judge

    Automattic (formerly Cloudup)

    Sadly, I wasn't able to get past the GitHub OAuth page :( Got "Internal Server Error" after trying to complete the OAuth flow.

    • ws


      We keep running into rate limiting issues with GitHub... trying to work with them to get whitelisted

  • judge

    I love this idea - I hope you take it to production quality. As a module maintain er, I'd love to have a centralized chat room that is persistent (meaning if I am not online I can see all of the messages when I get back online) such that I can answer questions about the use of my project etc. Nice work!

    • ws

      Thank you!

  • judge

    The Node Firm

  • contestant

    I love how you made team chat simpler with a clever idea. Well done, guys!

  • contestant

    Cool idea! Was a bit sketched-out by the private repo access :( Would be great to use this instead of issues for long comment threads.

    • penman

      Private repo access seems to have put off a lot of people. We didn't realise people would have an issue with this, but we would definitely consider making it optional in future.


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