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Quick Intro

With frazy you can play charades with your new best friends; random people on the internet.


Frazy is a multiplayer charades-ish style game. Guess the meaning of the actor's movements to gain points and win.

Judging Instructions

Click on the start playing button to start the game. You'll be dropped into an existing room or a new one depending on availability. You'll start the game as an observer where you'll make guesses based on card clues and actor gestures. If you'd like to act out the clues, click 'Join Queue' in the actor queue box. 2 players are required. If you're alone in the room, the game will begin when a second player joins.


As the actor, your job is to act out the word shown in the hints box within the time limit. As you are acting out the word or phrase, other players will submit guesses based upon your actions. The guessers cannot see the full word but do get letter hints at random points in the word (kind of like a half complete wheel of fortune board). When actors are in the queue, actors are limited to 3 words before a new actor is put on stage.

If you are guessing, it's important to note the guess history which shows incorrect guesses from all players.


Correct guesses will earn points for both the player who guessed correctly and the actor. In fact, the actor gets double the point value of the word or phrase... because let's face it, acting is hard. After a player or actor accumulates 15 points the round is over.


This app is meant for recent versions of Google Chrome.

What they Used

express,, opentok(webRTC), chaplinjs, backbone, underscore, stylus, handlebars.



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  • contestant

    Love it. I think you were the guys I popped in on when you were still testing, and I did the peace sign. Hilarious.

  • contestant


    Really fun!

  • contestant


    Nice idea :) Too bad, I don't have a camera to test it by myself ;) But it seems that you had lots of fun playing it :)

    • ruzz311

      We are our own biggest fans. Thanks!

  • judge

    This idea has a lot of potential I think, but it didn't quite come together in the weekend demo.

    I really liked the webrtc style video connection--that made it easy to meet up with other players. The UI was straightforward and clear.

    The game mechanics were a bit rough though--it was a bit of a mix between charades and wheel of fortune. Too many letters made it easy for my colleague to guess even without me doing charades.

    But I could see this being a very popular game with a bit more work...

    • ruzz311

      You nailed it with the charades / wheel of fortune combo; that was definitely discussed to try to give guessers a better advantage if the actor is doing a poor job. We'd rather have people who play the game feel smart rather than discouraged.

      We also have variable control over the percentage of letters in the word that is presented to guessers. I believe its set to 60% at the moment. We chose a higher precentage after playing a few times an noticing that it was too dificult with some of our harder phrases to act out. We created phrases in the beginning that were tough to act out but narrowed it down to more "actable" phrases in order to keep user attention.

      Thanks for checking out frasy!

  • judge

    Keychain Logistics

  • judge


    This is hilarious. Great idea.

  • judge

    This is a great app. Super fun, looks great, works very well. Good job!

  • judge

    Pivotal Labs

    Awesome idea awesomely executed. great work!

  • judge


    Looks like a lot of fun and something I'll be trying out with some friends.

  • judge


    great idea.

  • judge


    Fun use of videochat.

  • judge


    fun idea! great way to connect with friends all over

  • contestant


    Good job!

  • judge

    Great concept and fun to play!

  • judge


  • contestant


    Nice work! I tried it out just for myself and was surprised at how much you had working. The on-boarding flow was a bit weird, but once people were in the room it was a really nice experience! Innovative sure? Will some people use it for soliciting sex? Also sure.

    • joelongstreet

      Haha, we talked about the whole "solicitation" thing for awhile and how this could be kind of similar to chat roulette. Thanks for the review!

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Was never good at these kind of games, but can definitely see the fun in it :)

  • contestant

    Cool and fun.

  • judge


    Good idea. It's always fun to play charades in the middle of the day.

  • contestant


    haha ...ANTS IN YOUR PANTS.... so funny ^^ !

  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

    ha...ha... ANTS IN YOUR PANTS

  • contestant

    ANTS IN YOUR PANTS ... XD. I like this topic !

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    Cool idea. Judging by the video it looks like it works really well!

  • judge

    GREE International, Inc.

    To use webcam in a game application is risky (people usually don't like to show their face in real life; it also requires browser to unblock webcam). UI is not intuitive, spent 3 mins to understand what's happening.

    • ruzz311

      Thanks for the feedback. While some people aren't willing to show their face there are a ton of users that would(for example, all the chatroulette clones)

      While you've already judged us, one thing I would ask is that you judge the completeness category accurately. I understand you have problems with our user interface but if the game/app is functioning please give the next team you judge a fair score for making their product work in such a short period of time. Thanks.

  • contestant

    Fagbokforlaget V&B AS

    Nice fun game. Loved idea to include video chat to get physical unfortunately video didn't worked for me.

    • joelongstreet

      Sorry to hear the video didn't work. Were you using chrome? Feel free to hit me up @joelongstreet if you wanna try playing a game or debugging your issue.


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