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NPM the wizard

By Team mad science.

Quick Intro

A web based GUI for authoring & publishing modules to github & NPM



Its a web gui with a few simple steps to write your own npm modules.

  • You can tests the code in the browser really easily,
  • does what you expect with browserify.
  • Generates a README / package.json
  • Publishes to github
  • Publishes to npm
Judging Instructions

Only tested / developed in chrome.

Make sure to hit the ENTER key in the module name field to populate the source code boilerplate.

What they Used


  • github
  • npm
  • browserify-cdn ala


  • js-git
  • browser-module-sandbox


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    Curious to see what the demand is for this. It seems like most programmers would prefer command line, but I could see this being really useful non-programmers (designers, authors, etc) or those who are new to npm/github. nice work

  • judge

    Keychain Logistics

    It would be great if you also added bower support

  • contestant
  • judge

    A Medicore Corporation


  • judge

    This is cool, just incomplete. The interface hung while publishing to github/npm though the publishing went through. There's a bug in that my dependency was not added to package.json. The animations are a little over the top but meh. I like that this works in the browser and bridges the node/browser gap.

  • contestant


    Great idea good work.

  • contestant

    Very useful tool! good job!

  • contestant

    This was way more than I expected from the title! It's a really neat idea that will help newer people figure out how all this works and experienced people publish simpler modules quickly.

    I like how you can see the output in the console as well. Fun stuff.

  • judge

    I saw you guys demo this after Node Knockout. I love the concept and idea, and you make the use case really clear.

    However, I wonder if the design execution doesn't quite match the problem. Making it silly simple to take my code and put it on npm is awesome! And you guys promise that potential. Yet it ends up being a lot of steps in the execution.

    I wonder if a slightly better flow would be to let people upload the module to npm / github immediately (in step 1). Then after the module is published, they can optionally amend and update it with tests and documentation. That might make the platform even more powerful, since I could use it as a way to maintain existing modules as well as create new modules.

    Like the CSS animations. Seemed like there was a lot of stuff missing (like test result output). It was also unintuitive that I had to scroll down to see the steps. Finally, my package never published.

  • judge

    This is great! I love how this streamlines the publishing to github. I can see how a lot of developers would adopt this. I know your team only had a short time to build this, but a better UI would be nice.

  • judge


    Loved the idea, UX is quite weird but awesome project!

  • contestant

    Pretty dang cool! I've never really been inclined to write an npm module - but I am a little closer now! Seems to be feature complete and fully functional! Kudos for adding the test authoring!

  • judge

    This project is a really cool idea. I think it would be difficult to engineer larger/more complex modules, but that might be something that can be addressed by the interface/structure. The design is reasonable but fairly plain, and I'd like to see the unit test results brought into the interface rather than being held in console, but I understand you had time constraints. All in all I'm very happy I got to judge this entry so that I could discover it.


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