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By Team DUO

Quick Intro

Knote will help you grow your relationships with valuable knowledge about the people you care for


Hi there. What you’ve got here isn’t just another social app.

Actually, it’s kind of anti-social (but in a good way).

Having zillions of friends is one thing. But being a great friend, partner, bro/sis, etc. is something else.

And it’s hard. It takes a lot of work. It takes time. But mostly, it takes thoughtful understanding.

Grow your relationships with valuable knowledge about the people you care for (and understand them better while you’re at it).

Judging Instructions

Please add a few people you care about, answer a few questions, and record a few other notes. Tested on Chrome and Safari.

What they Used


  • Express
  • Passport
  • MongoDB


  • Brunch
  • Backbone.js
  • Rivets.js
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Swig templates


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  • judge

    Icon Venture Partners

    Makes sense. Seems to work.

  • judge


    As a useful idea it looks like it has a lot of potential, but in the rough draft form is missing some of the key elements I would expect to give high marks here. For example, over and above noting and asking the user questions, I'd like to see how the user is engaged to practically enhance their relationships over time. Unfortunately it feels like the video took more work than the development, but I'm sure you've spent a lot of time thinking about the concept itself. Outside of this, if you want to pursue it then consider where people would use this and how you'd get to those users, not just initially but also reengagement. Why are they using it and when. Don't live off of your assumptions because these questions will either make or break the product. They should be the centre of your iterative feedback loop. For example, consider it being a facebook / gmail app and finding something pertinent to the user to start with, like anniversary reminders.

    • wmdmark

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for taking a look.

      What we set out to do with this first version is to give the user a place to record important information about the people they care about the most as well as prompting them to think about important questions they may not have thought about before. From our research, there is no software that sets out to do this for just the average person. Having this knowledge piece if the first part of our "MVP" but we certainly have future plans to add things like reminders and activity. The knowledge piece comes first however and we accomplished a good amount for a 48 hour time window. We are actively user testing and analyzing usage data for our users and will certainly iterate off of what we learn but so far we're seeing that many users are finding this product useful.

      I'm a bit surprised you think our video took more time than our development. We have a pretty polished design, no major bugs and accomplished exactly what we set out to do in a very small time window. This took us a combined effort of over 100 hours over the 48 hour period. The video took maybe 3 hours (and was done post competition) so I'm really confused as to why you would think this. We worked our tails off to get this out and I'm pretty proud of what our team accomplished in a short amount of time.

      I'd be happy to answer any tech/product questions for you. Shoot me an email if you'd like: wmdmark at gmail.

      Thanks, Mark

  • judge


    Good idea, especially if positioned towards relationship maintenance (like reminding periodically to do something with the person based on interests, etc.) Maybe connect it with email threads from the person? Or twitter exchanges?

    I really like the polished design, very good UI.

    BTW team DUO with 4 members needs a better name.

    • wmdmark

      Thanks for the feedback Gleb. May I ask why you rated low on completeness and innovation? Did you find something that didn't work? Have you seen an app that tries to help improve real life relationships before? Would love to hear more specifics in those areas so we can improve missing pieces. Also, you should try the questions feature as it's a core part of what we're trying to do.


      P.S. DUO Interactive is the name of our company and not related to our team size :)

    • Sure. I felt the overall application is incomplete. I can enter data about each person (and the data input works fine). What happens next? That was the missing piece. It would be nice if the app suggested something, or had reminders.

    • wmdmark

      We're certainly going to add suggestion+reminders later on but we were fortunate to complete the functionality we did have in just a short 48 hours. Plus it's better to test with a simpler MVP and then add features later once user behavior has been observed. I'm surprised you think we could have gotten to reminders as well... very flattering ;)

      Also, regarding the low innovation score... you don't think this idea is innovative? What other apps do you know of that are trying to solve what we're trying to do with this one?

  • contestant

    Simple and nice idea. Like design. I'd probably use it. Of course - mobile application is a requirement.

    • wmdmark

      Thanks! Good to hear that you would find it useful. We're definitely wanting to package up an app in the future but the existing site is completely optimized for mobile if you want to try the web version.

  • contestant


    The design is really nice, good job.

    • wmdmark

      Thank you Nicole!

  • judge
  • judge
  • judge

    This is a neat little idea. I could see it being very handy around birthday / christmas time! The photo picker really stood out to me, considering it was a hackathon, I was only expecting a simple photo upload form, not all the third-party integrations. Good job!

    • wmdmark

      Thank you Garrett!

  • judge


    Cool design and technology stack!

  • contestant

    Like that kind of "personal" apps. And think is kind of innovation for the next world. Instead of sharing everything and then think how to secure that, keep only important things.

    • wmdmark

      Thanks for the feedback! Security is definitely high on the list of priorities for future development.

  • contestant


    A very thoughtful idea. Social networks are filled with ways to connect with people, but yet none of them attempt to improve a relationship or have the relationship as the most important part.

    Nicely done.

  • contestant
  • judge

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    I really like the idea behind the tool, the question tool could be improved but I think it is a fantastic application. Visually appealing & maybe not feature complete, but does exactly what you think it will do. Great work!

  • contestant



  • contestant

    This is pretty interesting idea. I appreciate the question aspect of this - it asks some great stuff. This would be pretty awesome if it was linked to FB so you might not have to fill everything out from scratch.

    • wmdmark

      Thanks for the feedback! We definitely have FB integration on the feature list for the next phase of development.

  • judge


    • wmdmark

      No review? Would love to hear some specific feedback... especially from an official judge. Thanks for taking a look.

    • Hi Mark - high marks for getting a lot of functionality into the app - it's pretty complete for what you set out to do.

      I guess I did not find the data entry element of the app that much fun as such - perhaps some of this can be automated? Maybe it's something one can do piecemeal - a mobile web app would be the place to capture this if so.

      In terms of technical innovation, this app uses a fairly standard approach. It's well executed, but does not really push any boundaries.

      Is this an MVP? Are you taking it further?


    • wmdmark

      Thanks Richard, that's helpful feedback.

      We tried to automate some of the data entry by asking questions but there are not a lot of questions in the database yet!

      This is an definitely more in the MVP stage... just trying to test the idea and tweak from there. We're definitely going to take it further.

      Thanks! Mark

    • There must be a lot of personal network data you can pull out of the big social networks. Maybe a bit of machine learning. It's much easier to input the data as maybe a multiple choice.

      For example, you could have a bayesian classifier on the relationships, and then you ask: Is Bob your Husband? Yes/No

      Gamify it a bit :)

    • wmdmark

      Good ideas, thanks!

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    Great job! Excited to see you take this further.

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    It is difficult to judge an application like this in a small amount of time. That said, I am a bit reluctant to try it out as the amount of information it requires is a little creepy. I am not sure I would want some online service storing this much information about me or my relationships. That said, I am sure there are others out there who have much fewer reservations about something like this so there could be a market for it.

    • wmdmark

      Good points Mikola. The sensitivity of the information you enter is entirely up to you. This is something for us to think about for us going forward though, we'd want to have a heavy emphasis on security and privacy. Thanks for reviewing!


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