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What The Elf Should I Get?

By Team 8020

Quick Intro

What The Elf helps you find gifts for your friends.


It's a recommendation engine for buying gifts.

Judging Instructions

The elf asks you questions, and you select an answer. Only works in Chrome for now.

What they Used

Brunch Jade Stylus Express Backbone - holla at TJ Amazon's Product API


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  • judge


    Very fun, extremely funny and as others have mentioned very easy to share. Some things that could be improved:

    • Recommendations could be displayed inline rather than requiring you to click through to an external page - perhaps just show a preview and click if you really want to see more info?

    • Better options. I could imagine this being really popular if the options available were also more broad. It would be useful if you could talk a little more about how recommendations are being generated and if you're taking into account previous answers by others as part of the gift target learning process.

  • judge


    Very cute, would loved to see a lot more options.

  • judge


  • judge


    The idea is nice, but the comments and suggestions weren't that helpful.

  • contestant


    Very funny, nice job.

  • contestant

    loved it

  • contestant


    Cool idea

  • judge


    Fun, seasonal (almost!), and very shareable (remember the mania that was elfyourself?!). Cute, clear design and very easy to use - my only petty gripe would be to perhaps make the links to the suggested products a bit more obvious. Would also be nice if it continued the suggestion 'loop' for a couple of more times before ending the process.

  • contestant
  • judge

    Cute app - it would have been nice if it had actually taken the parameters into account but the graphics were nice and it was fun to play with.

  • contestant

    USF Health

    Slick website -- smooth transitions and a nice design. I'd like a way to go back without starting over, though. The suggestions seem pretty random, but hey, if i wanted to give a boring gift, I probably wouldn't be asking a digital elf for suggestions.

  • contestant

    I absolutely love this app! I won't tell anyone you did this app!

  • contestant

    One time fun :)

  • judge


    I love it and see it's potential.

  • contestant

    Little Workshop

    Very funny!

  • contestant


    This would be much better if it would allow connect to a profile of that person and create gifts on the fly.

  • judge

    The Node Firm

  • contestant


    Hah, nice! Bonus design points for that rude ass elf

  • contestant


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