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Quick Intro

Outdr is an innovative tool that allows you to quickly get in touch with people in your closest surrounding - neighbours, friends, strangers, work mates...


Outdr allows you to talk/chat on real time with people in your closest surroundings, around similar interests. You join a channel (beers, for example) and ask there if there's anybody open for a beer. Due to the nature of the real time communication desired, messages quickly disappear: you're just asking then and there. Useful to quickly decide where to go for lunch with colleagues or find strangers around interested in joining for a beer or some sports. It's all about spontaneity!

With each key pressed you automatically join a channel. It's just like tuning a radio! If you come back, we'll remember your last channel and of course you can discover channels around to see where others are gathering.

For testing purposes and extra fun you're allowed to "teleport": feel free to adjust your geo coordinates. You can organise gatherings in 11,11 22,22 for instance! Anybody within 2 kilometres will be in.

Judging Instructions

It works on all major latest browsers (tested in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac and Ubuntu). However the sound works only in latest Chrome. Since sound was problematic with WebSockets and WebRTC during the hackathon, this feature might work poorly. In order to properly test the tool, feel free to join the same channel with different tabs/browser to chat with yourself, if there are no other judges around. Or check with them and meet on the same set of fake coordinates and channel.

What they Used

We use socket.io and mongoDB under the hood to make this happen.



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    Seems legit. Didn't get a great sense of how it would work ideally b/c it was kind of buggy for me, probably due to the limitations of the webRTC support that you mentioned. I personally am not the type of person who would want to hang out with random people in my surroundings, but I can see some use cases where it might be nice. Cool hack!

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    Nice, simple and works :)

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    Hacker School

    Hi there! The idea is interesting but it feels quite incomplete.

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    I like the look of the site, unfortunately I can't figure out how to onnect to anything or what I should be doing really. It might've been that just nobody was online, but I couldn't find anything to join and so I had a tough time giving you a higher score.

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    There was no good way to test this. Maybe next time you do something geo give the ability to have the world so the testing phase still works.


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