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By TBDeveloped

Quick Intro

It's a list app that allows you to share your event type lists with other friends. Notification will allow your friends to see items that you would like for Christmas, a wedding, baby shower, etc.


Our app allows users to connect when buying gifts for each other or for a special occasion. Users have the ability to sign up, log in and add friends. From this point, a user can create lists and events. Events are where lists can be shared among friends. Friends can view and purchase items on a list. Lists are updated in real-time.

Judging Instructions

Browsers: IE 10+, Chrome (Recommended), Firefox

  1. Sign up a few users
  2. Create a wish list by clicking on the list icon in the top right, and then the add button.
  3. Put a name for your list, then select the newly created list.
  4. Add a couple items to your list (you can modify the item by by clicking the edit button in the list)
  5. Add a few friends by clicking on the friends icon in the top right, and then the + button.
  6. enter the email of the friend you would like to add (only one email at a time)
  7. log in as the other users, you should see some notifications in the notifications icon in the top right.
  8. click on the icon and accept the friend request. During this time you can create a new list with the other test users while you are logged in as one.
  9. after accepting all the friend requests, make a event by clicking the Add New Event Icon.
  10. create an event, add a few friends to the event.
  11. after clicking 'create', it will bring you to the new event. (you won't see any friends in the list until they have accepted your invitation.
  12. while at the event detail screen, click on the gear icon to add a list to the event and select the list you created earlier.
  13. login as the other users that were invited to the event and accept the invitation, add a list to the event that you created earlier.
  14. click on the user to see their wish list.
  15. you can mark off items in their list by clicking the checkmark icon
  16. once marked as bought, all other users list will be updated in real time
  17. You can see a summary view of your events by clicking on the Listli icon in the top left corner.
  18. In this view you can view the details by clicking the expand icon on the event box.

That's all the feature we were able to implement in the time. There are many more features to come and more refinement needed. Hope you enjoy our app.

What they Used

Meteor Font Awesome Bootstrap Various Bootstrap plugins



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  • contestant

    Hiiir Inc.

  • contestant


    Lists are cool :) they're even cooler when they' re pretty :)

  • judge


    It works. UI seems to clear all inputs if any input has a validation error. Some UI updates require a refresh or clicking around to trigger the new data. (Using Chrome 32)

  • judge

    Pivotal Labs

  • judge

    This happens to be something I've spent quite a lot of time on a few years back.

    The basic idea is great but the workflow is a bit awkward. The concept of events is interesting, but confusing. Why not just allow free form grouping instead of event + type? Why is the sharing model tied to the event and not just for the list?

    The flow itself can be much simpler, leaving stuff like URI (why is it required?), tags, and descriptions for later. Most people want to brain dump a list into the app and the app here is standing in the way with so many questions and dialogues. Also, the list to event association flow is unexpected. I would not have guessed that step without the screencast.

    I have a lot more feedback on how to streamline the user experience and make this more useful, but I am not sure where you want to take it and what's the main use case. For example, is this only for shopping?

    Overall, it is pretty complete for a 48 hours effort. The design is simple but pretty. It is not consistent at times (the events dashboard is not as well designed as the menu).

    • davidworkman9

      Thanks. The whole events thing was meant to do different things based on the event type. If it was "collaborative" it would be for something like a surprise party, where everyone invited throws gift ideas for one person and crosses things off as they buy them.

      Secret Santa would have been, Secret Santa. But you could use your list in more than one event, so you could have a work Secret Santa and a friend Secret Santa, so purchases in one event would show up in the other event.

      Definitely hear you on a lot of those points. I would love to hear more feedback from you as we do intend to finish this. My twitter contact info is on my bio.

  • contestant


    Just about the only thing that you're missing for something like this Amazon's "Don't tell me if somebody else has purchased something from my wishlist."

    More details on how to use it (and what the different types of lists were) would be valuable inside the interface. Or maybe even removing some features for clarity's sake (that hurts my little developer heart to say that, but maybe).

    Next steps: tighter integration with Amazon (referral links!), importing from Amazon wish lists, import friends via Facebook, and ... hmm. I think I'm asking you to reimplement Amazon's "Friends & Family Gifting." But with more polish.

    • davidworkman9

      Thanks for the positive review! Those suggestions are all in the backlog and we do plan on continuing this project. The types of lists actually do nothing right now, I think we had too many ideas and too little time.

  • contestant

    Pretty decent shot at a list application. You got lots done, I'm surprised by the volume of functionality here. I hope adding friends would allow me to share lists, that'd be cool. I'd like to make a grocery list with my girlfriend or something.

    signup was a little bit of a pain. I have to select my age and it starts in november 2013? that's 28 years * 12 months = lots of clickin.

    • davidworkman9

      If you create an event, and attach a list to the event then anyone you invited to that event will be able to see the list. You can't invite people to the event after it's been created though! (never got that finished).

      Agreed about the date picker, and in hindsight age should really be required.

    • davidworkman9


    • Phillita

      Your're very right about the date picker. We probably could have set a date a little further back rather then set it to the current date.

      Sharing lists will definitely be part of the plan. The event type of collaborative would be the perfect spot for a grocery list. It would allow you both to add items to one list.

  • contestant


    I like the simple design, and it's a useful idea.

  • contestant

    A nice concept. Good use of notifications. Functions like a complete app. I found the utility and usability a little lacking.

    • Phillita

      With a little more time we would have rearranged a bit of the site to make it link a little nicer. Right now its very basic.


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