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Hackers vs Zombies

By TangoSource

Quick Intro

Hackers vs Zombies is a real time game. where the users can act as a "Zombie controller" or be one of the last humans alive.


This game let the user experience real time communication at the same time they are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Judging Instructions

In order to be able to play we need at least to users. The first user that logs in will become the Zombie controller able to controller the zombie movements and his duty is to kill every human in his way. The second user is a human that his only duty si to survive either way killing zombies or running away form them. If more than one user is on the game all player must reach the safe zone or die in order to go to the next level.

What they Used

Craftyjs, socket.io, jade, express, mongoose, underscore



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  • judge

    Enclave Games

    Works ok and it's quite addictive with a few friends.

  • contestant

    like the concept but not sure if it was working or not. I tried to kill a zombie, but it never died. I'm not sure controlling the zombie worked either.

  • judge


  • judge

    Hacker Monthly

    Alert pop up is kinda distracting (would be better if it's a modal). Can't play :( Probably no one is up?

  • contestant

    I couldn't get the characters to move around :( I opened 2 tabs, but it appeared as if I was in 2 different games. If you can explain how I can get past that issue I'll adjust my vote!

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka

    The game didn't load guys. Would have been nice. Everyone likes to beat up zombies :)

  • contestant


    I like the idea, but the game is not very intuitive.

  • judge
  • judge


    Hard to evaluate without other people on the game. The demo was very loud and hard to follow

  • judge


    I couldn't get the game working. There was no character on the screen. Pressing arrow keys or clicking mouse did nothing. I'm on Chrome 30/Windows XP. I'm ready to give it another shot if you tell me if I did something wrong.

    • Subastkar


      We just updated the instructions. In order to play you need two users at least the first one is what we call the "Zombie controller" it is capable of manipulate the zombies actions but it wont show up until a second player appears. You can adda nother player with another browser or an incognito tab of chrome.

    • It still doesn't work. I used two browsers now for players 1 and 2. I saw player 2 appear in the player 1's map but I wasn't able to move as player 2. Player 1 never appeared. I wasn't able to click on player 2 from player 1's map.

  • contestant

    Character didn't move for me. Chat worked well. Overall great atmosphere.


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