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Ballon Busters

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Quick Intro

Balloon bursters is a two player balloon shooting game. play the game:


Balloon bursters is a two player game. Two people start the game and start shooting the opponents balloons and whoever shoots the maximum number of opponents balloons is the winner. Remember that you get negative points if you shoot your own balloons!

play the game:

Judging Instructions

Our game currently works only on firefox. Both the players need to be on firefox to test and play. Sorry!

If something goes wrong, you can load: to reset the game

What they Used

ExpressJS,, box2d, mongodb, dust



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  • judge


    Fun game. Felt complete but could improve in terms of design and innovation.

  • contestant


    Nice job on the game - I really liked the design, and the video made it clear how to start a game even when no one else was there.

    I had a few performance issues - the browser was slow to load as far as getting into the game, and I had to refresh a few times and eventually reset the game in order to join on the other window.

  • contestant


    There is a big lag when shooting/hitting the baloons. When using box2d with socket io you should run a sync physics loop on the server and only render on the client - this would make the game more responsive. Also don't like the stretched-out graphics - so probably some improvements on the design side would be welcomed ;]

  • contestant
  • judge


    Usable only in firefox, not very complete. cool concept though.

  • contestant

    the ballon runs so different. and the sync animation is not so smoothly. thanks for deploying with node.js

  • contestant

    It works, page design is good - but the game itself feels a bit cumbersome. Impressive work given the time frame though

  • contestant

    This really needs a pitch video. Attempts to join existing games always fail for me.

  • contestant


    No idea what was going on. Waited forever for someone to join, and then I was able to move up and down, but there were no balloons to shoot.

    • samsel

      Currently works only in FireFox. Did you try it in firefox? and also two players are needed to start the game.


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