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Quick Intro

Cast lets you start a broadcast anywhere, anytime, using the cameras you already own. You control which feed is live to your viewers so you are always in control of your content.


A single Director can choose what Cameras and Microphones are being broadcast to a public viewer page. Cameras and Microphones simply have to be able to connect via HTML5 to participate.

Judging Instructions

Please use Google Chrome.

  1. Create a broadcast Room from the homepage.
  2. Create a Camera.
  3. Open a Viewer.
  4. Invite a friend to open a Camera (send them your camera URL)
  5. Create a new Microphone -- closed captioning must be enabled in the Microphone and the Viewer... and you may need to refresh the viewer

To start the broadcast (so the viewer can see something) click on a video feed from the director tool.

What they Used

Underscore.js, Backbone.js, Handlebars, Grunt, Nokomis, Browserify, SASS, webrtc.io, Font Awesome, MongoDB, Mongoose



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  • judge


    Very interesting concept, however the UI is slightly confusing.

  • judge


    Really cool idea! I'd love to use something like this to stream our local meetup group, rather than go down the expensive hardware route... Some errors prevented me from seeing the intended functionality unfortunately but I hope you guys continue to work on this!

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    The site didn't seem to be working, but I think that an application like this could be very valuable. Many of the current streaming services are very cumbersome and difficult to use. Building a nice WebRTC based camera streaming service could be very useful in making things like distributed lectures or recording local sporting events.

  • contestant
  • judge


    I think this is great idea. However I could not get it to work 404s, and also could not join any existing broadcast. But the screencast looks excellent.

  • judge


    Got 404s anytime i tried to do anything. I think its an amazing cool concept to allow for easy multiplexing of video streams and crowdsourcing content. It would make an awesome commercial product. For now though, turn off the cc.

  • contestant

    Could not create a broadcast (error 404) and could not join any room (too many viewers)

  • contestant

    I Liked the idea very much, I always wanted such a thing.

  • contestant


    Pretty cool that you basically built Google Hangouts in a weekend. Unfortunately, when I tried to use it I ran into a lot of bugs. I wasn't able to join any rooms as a viewer b/c I kept getting the message "Too many viewers!" This happened for rooms with 2, 3, or 4 viewers. Also tried broadcast mode - page loaded but didn't do anything. Couldn't add cameras. Couldn't join a room as a broadcaster either.

    Your demo video looks cool though, and I can understand how it would work when the kinks are ironed out.

  • judge


    This is a super idea, and has a lot of utility, but I also wasn't able to get this to run. Conceivably it's working though since I see other viewers are currently in rooms, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • contestant

    Editora Abril

    I tried to create a new broadcast, and don't worked to me.


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