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By Stemmed Cells

Quick Intro

The easy way to sort and view your files


Allows you to drag and drop your files into the app, categorize then view in different formats. I used GoInstant to notify other users when new documents are added using an alert and the document is added to the view automatically. There are many features that I wanted to add but didn't get it to a stable build, so the released version is basic but solid!

Judging Instructions

Only tested in Chrome.

What they Used

Ractive, GoInstant, moment, eventemitter2, dropzone, lodash and bootstrap


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  • contestant

    Simple, but where do you store the uploaded files?

    • FrizzaUK

      I didn't store the files (mentioned it on the home page) as I wasn't sure about the available space on the servers and also whether people wanted me to actually keep a copy of their documents/images! Therefore thought it would be easier not to store.

  • contestant

    Great start, I was looking for a Photo view or a way to download the file, but could not find a way to do that. Also the "Upload" file picker pops up a lot, but that's an easy fix :D

  • contestant
  • judge


    great implementation of viewing all different types of docs and being able to lock down assets. UI could use a bit more design, but great functionality.

  • contestant


    I liked this concept. Also I thought, want to use autocomplete search. Thanks.

  • contestant
  • judge


    Needs more work.

  • judge


    Nice fast app, upload works great. Would be nice to have more navigation to get back to the main entry page.

    Good effort.

  • contestant


    Dropping file in the browser - yup it works ;)

  • contestant


    Great looking site, but it seems like there's some work to be done to build a solid application out of it

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Hi there! This seemed like a fun project to build. I think you've executed well, but it could have used more creativity =).


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