Steel Horses Yet another virtual old school stickers album.São Paulo

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Steel Horses Yet another virtual old school stickers album.

By Steel horses

Quick Intro

It's a virtual old school stickers album.


A stickers album. \o/

Judging Instructions

Login, glue your stickers and trade the repeated ones. Each 10 minutes, you won a new sticker. Firefox, Safari, Chrome was tested, IE... not yet.

What they Used

Node.js, Express and MongoDB



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    I clicked the blue Glue button below a sticker, but I'm not sure where it went.

    Oh. I see. They're numbered. This is confusing. I'd like to see them as I get them, most recently stickered first. Only order them by number if you had a "Pokedex" view.

    The user/password thing is weird. People who forget their password will create new accounts and think everything got deleted. If you're going to do that, just don't have a login at all (like cooke clicker).

    I like the page layouts in the book. The backgrounds are a little random & generic, but the white rectangles over them with the large numbers works really well. I could do without the page turning effect. It made navigating the book slow.

    The popup notifications were distracting. I'd prefer something in page.

    It was also very confusing that trades are random. I don't get to select, I just get ot say yes/no.

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    I like this!I'm sure my I know some friends who will use it for their classes, maybe you can allow them to print what they made into a real book then it will turn into an actual business. just like ( ) Good job!

  • judge


    No "sign up" link, it asks me for a login and password, Putting nothing in, it takes me to a screen showing the "sticker book" but I can't do much with the one sticker. Maybe I looked at it when there was no one else around, but I didn't "get" what I was supposed to do.

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    Very impressive

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    Most things appear to work in reviewing the code. This isn't the most exciting thing for me, but the design is certainly a throwback to the style you were going for.

    It's a bit odd that you can glue something to a page that isn't visible. It'd have been nice to let it be more arbitrary in terms of arranging stickers.

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    A very nice idea! Would be great to have some social integration (FB/Twitter), album exports and so on - it can really mature into a great product!


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