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Quick Intro

A better way to manage the links you care about. Automatically indexes the links you care most about so they're easy to find later.


Text indexing of tweets from your timeline, urls tweeted in your timeline, your bookmarks and history. Allows you to filter by source and text.

Judging Instructions

Please use Chrome. Also, note that the app only indexes a few hundred items per user for the purposes of the demo to avoid issues on the shared box.

What they Used

Elastic Search, Mongo, Redis, ExpressJS. We used cheerio + request for the scraping.


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Other Votes

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  • judge

    Great potential here. Good job!

  • judge

    Excellent work. Good concept, would really like to see this developed further.

  • contestant


    Pretty handy - thanks! :)

  • contestant

    wao 面白い。 とても有用だと感じる。 しかし同時にセキュリティに疑問を感じる。  取得データについての明確な指針と削除機能を求めたい。

  • contestant


    useful stuff, votes up!

  • judge

    Universal Mind

    That might be really useful. If it would also rank stuff better. But this would become really a google then.

  • contestant

    This is a good idea and definitely solves a problem that I have quite frequently. Would be cool if you could grab the meta description/keywords of indexed sites so that these were searchable too. Nice job!

  • judge


    Very cool idea. I am a little scared that their server has my browsing history, actually very scared...

    Design is minimalistic which is great. I am giving it a 3 because there is no way for me to remove my content from the index...

    I have been wanting one of these for a while. Has potential.

    If they had a way to remove the users content from the indices then I would give it a 4-5

  • judge


    I could see this thing pretty useful if it was a full metasearch and the indices were optimized for only the sources that each user opted into.

  • contestant

    I think I see the direction it's going in - but I think the first thing you could do is not show any results from twitter, because it just shows me tweets with the name in it.

    Instead maybe show me a blurk of a page that had a link from twitter - and then put the tweet on the side as the source, but not as the main thing that the search found.

  • contestant

    Industrial Web Apps

    This is really awesome guys. Really good idea and is definitely something I'd use. I only really use twitter for getting information about the latest open source technologies and this would be great for those "I remember reading about that on a link in twitter" moments.


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