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By sporkydorky

Quick Intro

Real Time Conferences for Everyone. Any Time. Any Place. Any Language.

Description allows speakers to deliver real time video seminars to over 250 participants at a time. During the seminars, the presenter's voice is transcribed in real time to all of the participants in the conference and translated into 64 different languages. Participants may enter questions for the speaker which are added to the conference transcript, which may be copied or printed.

Judging Instructions

Since, relies on Chrome's Web Speech API, using it requires Google Chrome 25 or later. To get started, either join an active speaker's conference or create a new one. Select your language and speak clearly and watch you voice be transcribed. Get a friend to join and have them select a different language and watch as your voice is translated into their language in real time. Better yet, grab a friend who speaks a foreign language and join their conference to communicate without a language barrier.

What they Used

CoffeeScript, RTCMultiConnection, jQuery, Handlebars,, Node-Hat, Jade, Express, Google Translate API, Web Speech API



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  • judge


    It's fairly complete but we the mic didn't work and the translations were bad to the point of being incomprehensible. That said, translation is totally a task beyond the scope of a hackathon. Good use of APIs.

  • judge

    Google translate's still a bit rough, but really love the approach.

  • judge


  • judge

    SimBin Studios

    Great package and very nice presentation. Drop in/out functionality to have more then one speaker would be a great future feature.

    The transcription seems to be the pain point right now, at least for me as a Swedish speaker.

    • Thanks for the props and suggestions (and mercy on the recognition aspect). This is very valuable feedback!

  • judge


    Real time voice to text in different languages along with the conference is a good idea; hopefully products like this can make it easier for different countries to work more easily together

  • judge

    Icon Venture Partners

    I could not get this to work (used Chrome and enabled everything). Part of it was challenge of needing other users but even with that just kept seeing the rotating circle of pain. Got my video image up once but was flying solo on the app. Concept is a great one.

    • Sorry you had a poor experience! Thank you for the design and innovation points!

  • judge

    Really slick proof of concept. The audio transcription for my conference was surreal and borderline offensive, but regardless it's a good idea well implemented.

    • Thanks! Yes, the voice recognition definitely needs some work. We appreciate the props on concept!

  • contestant


  • judge


    Looks very promising.

  • judge


    Awesome! This is a really great example of what the web can do today. Very, very cool.

  • Mindblowing.

    • Thanks so much for your time and rating, Tom, it is very appreciated!

  • judge

    This is a cool concept for hosting live ad hoc lectures or something of the sort. What I am not clear on is whether you are locked to having one central speaker. I get the vibe that that is the case. It would be cool to have the option to pass the torch to allow for each person to make their point in a possible group discussion scenario without interruption.

    • Thanks for your feedback. One of our next goals is definitely to improve the interaction between participants!

  • judge

    Keychain Logistics

    nicely done!

  • judge

    Great app! Super useful and innovative. Can't believe something like this hasn't already been done. Good job!

  • Impressive! I love how the text-to-speech is translated as well as transcribed. Printable transcript is a nice touch. I'd love to see this developed further.

  • judge


  • judge


    Very interesting idea. The speech recognition works surprisingly well. The UI is ok but could be much more intuitive. It took a few tries to get it to send the transcriptions to the other clients, but impressive when it works. Def some bugs. Lots of clear use cases.

    • Thanks a lot! We will definitely give the UI some love!

  • contestant

    This is way cool! Seems like a useful stitching together of API's. I worry that the conditions in which it is hard to understand are just when the speaker has a heavy accent.

    • Thanks a lot! The speech recognition definitely is the weak link, but given time, I think we will start to see real improvements on that front.

  • contestant


    I do quite a few screencasts/google hangout sessions. I can definitely see myself using this. Great idea.

  • judge


    Cool application and genuinely looks very useful. As far as a hackathon entry goes, I found your video put a lot of emphasis on third party functionality (transcribing, translation), so I tried to look past the fact it was doing all of the heavy lifting and focus more on how you composed this into an interesting use case. Good work anyhow, this actually looks sellable with a bit more work.

  • judge

    CompliSpace Technology Pty Ltd

    This is a great idea with use of existing technologies, unfortunately "Google Translator" let you down. (In our house we call it "Google Obfuscator". It had a lot of trouble with my Australian accent, and it failed to translate Thai correctly. Simply saying "Sawasdee Krahp" (a greeting, like hello) translated as, "What the crap" - haha

    It's a great use of technology though, I like it a lot and if Google can one day get their translations together this will be fantastic for not just business/conference use but also for personal use in families that are multi-national (like ours: my wife and I are fluent in each others languages, but that means when our parents want to talk with each other we end up as translators - this could solve that niche!)

    • Yes, the main experience being at the mercy of this early implementation of the Web Speech API is definitely a pain point right now. Thanks so much for your feedback and time - we look forward to the future possibilities!

  • judge

    Project Propeller

    Well done. Have ran, and still part of the event industry for a long time. This is needed.

    • So awesome to hear that! We look forward to future development!

  • judge


    Nice, I like that no one has to sign up for anything and it seems to do a good job transcribing. The UI could be better and I tried with two friends but was unable to have anyone join with video. Though having them speak and have it translated in English was awesome.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Many-to-many video is definitely in the future.

  • judge


    Excellent and useful. I gave 4/5 on innovation because I could not decide much of the functionality is provided by the Google Speech API / translation API vs implemented by the team.

    Great job, I had pretty good results going from English <-> Russian and back. Def. useful. I would try connecting this to live video feed from conferences and implementing this as Chrome extension.

    Small note: when switching language, it again asked me to allow microphone access.

  • contestant


    Nicely done, the speech to text is a really useful feature.

  • judge

    It's a nice idea, it doesnt do anything very orginal, riffing on webRTC. but it works and has a nice feel. well done team.

  • judge

    What a great idea! I had some trouble getting it working (it kept prompting me for access to the mic), but it seems you really leveraged chrome and web apis in a really smart and novel manner.

    I also liked that you thought through some of the other aspects of conferencing like asking a question. I hope that you keep working on this and improving it!

    • Thanks a lot! Will have to look into the mic access prompt - I do know that unless using SSL (which we are not), chrome requires you to grant access every time the recognition opens. Something may have gotten funky and kept opening and closing the recognition. Thanks for pointing this out - I will make sure it gets addressed!

  • judge

    Pivotal Labs

    The transcribing is super cool! Great work guys!

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Nice! This is a really cool idea, and well executed.

  • contestant

    Very useful app. Great work

  • judge


    Very cool and super useful. Great work, really. Nice use of different apis to create something unique!

  • judge


    love the Q/A feature and format

    • Thanks! We plan on fine-tuning the translation of text questions as well as possibly giving the questioning participant the "floor" (video audio and transcript) side by side with presenter.

    • hope y'all will try to pimp this to universities!

  • contestant

    DUO Interactive

  • judge

    The Node Firm

    This is incredible

  • judge

    Very cool & useful!

    Very complete, design and functionality. I really like the hand raise feature. The mod can control the "interruptions"... nice touch.

    Not much to add on the wish list other then greater browser support.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully we will see better Web Speech API support across browsers in the near future!

  • judge
  • contestant

    BMK Solutions

    Woah that's an awesome attempt, great idea and nicely done for a 2 day hackathon!

  • judge

    Sequoia Capital

    Big caveat: I played around with the site but didn't have a partner to try it with so my judging is based on the experience playing with the site and the demo. That said...really cool. I can really see this getting used. Looks nice, too.

    • Thanks Ben, and good to know about not having a partner! Maybe I will stalk the site and play stand-in for anyone who pops in. We appreciate the feedback!

  • judge


  • contestant


    Nice use of real-time API's

  • contestant


    nice stuff

  • contestant


    Awesome idea and it looks great but I couldnt get it to work properly. I just had a spinner and questions I asked disappeared into the ether - couldn't see them on the speaker screen or any other. Good luck getting the issues ironed out this would make a cool product.

    • make sure you click the "allow" button in chrome at the top of the window to give access to your camera and microphone. thanks for the props and hope you can get it working!

    • Actually sounds like your speaker was the one who rejected the access to video/audio - thanks for pointing this out, we should handle this better.

  • contestant

    Embark Studios

  • judge


    Blown away. Great work.

    • bitpix3l

      That is awesome to hear. Thank you very much!

  • judge


    Utility/Fun: This has some serious potential!

    Design: The design was nice and simple, which is pretty much exactly what this project called for. Nothing over-the-top or getting in the way. Alerts for questions were a little short-sighted and it took my speaker a minute to figure out how to get those to show up.

    Innovation: I've seen all of these technologies used before, but never mashed up in this way. The use-case is very clear and really brings everything together.

    Completeness: While everything did as described, I immediately found myself wanting more (a testament to how great this entry is). Some thoughts for future improvement:

    • Allow participants to, instead of type a question, record a quick video asking their question and give it to the speaker/presenter with the same language translation experience.
    • Allow the speaker to correct mistakes. It seems that Chrome's speech recognition is pretty poor, at the moment. I've had much better luck with my iPhone's speech-to-text than Chrome. My speaker is a native American English speaker, but came up with some really funny words in the transcript that weren't even close to what he was saying.
    • Thanks so much for the great feedback! Both suggestions are very valuable and are sure to make it in post-competition!

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Really liked the speech-to-text feature :) Great job!

  • contestant

    Couldn't get it to work.

    • Oh no! Are you using Chrome 25 or later? Web Speech API is only available from there up. What exactly was the problem?

  • contestant

    Pretty impressive. The live transcription and the translation are really interesting. Worked pretty well.

    Well done guys!

    • Thanks a lot! Testing the Web Speech API after the first 24 hours created some fun delirium-induced laughing fits when it gets it wrong.

  • contestant


    Great use of the speech API

  • contestant


    Really well done guys!

  • contestant
  • contestant

    Great and really useful idea! Also, love the UX here really much.

  • contestant

    Uva Wellassa University of Sri lanka


  • contestant


    Very, very cool. The experience is only hampered by Google's ability to transcribe my voice. I was expecting to see a 2-way video instead one video broadcast to everyone. It would be awesome for booking travel in far away places :-) Great idea

    • thanks! we were aiming for many-to-many video, but as time ran out, we decided to replace it with the text question.

      many-to-many video is definitely on the list for post judging!

  • contestant

    really cool usage of google API.I like it.


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