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By Speedo

Quick Intro is a cloud hosted IRC service which allows you to stay logged in forever and never miss a message

Judging Instructions
  1. go to
  2. sign up for an account with an email and random password 2.1 if you we're not logged directly in to the application, press the sign-in button at the top and try it once more.
  3. select an IRC server that you want to connect to as well as the rooms you want to join. If you don't know any rooms, come visit me in our dedicated IRC room on room #ircb
  4. ??? 4.1 Click on all the stars in your judging panel and cast the highest vote on me ;-)
  5. Enjoy IRC and realise that this is pretty well done for a SOLO team As much as I personally hate saying this, this site is best viewed in a WebKit/Blink powered browser. As it's my default browser and all of the development efforts we're focused on testing this.

Thanks for taking the time to not only judge this entry but also for providing me with valuable feedback about the project. You're awesome.

What they Used

As is build as 2 services, i'll describe the services

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