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Zombie BATtle-pocalypse

By ðŸ‘¾

Quick Intro

In the dark world of 2054, an alien species has blocked out the sun, harvesting it for energy. You control a NodeCopter foraging for food and avoiding the zombie bats.


The first player to join controls a NodeCopter in a voxeljs world. Your objectives are twofold: collect as many (literal) sitting ducks as you can, to feed yourself, and also avoid the ravenous zombie bats intent on eating your delicious NodeCopter batteries. You can use positional audio to hear the bats coming, but your nightvision is limited.

Any other players that join while there is already a NodeCopter act as alien observers walking around the world. They can watch the NodeCopter travel around and avoid bats, and give him advice (helpful or otherwise) via the chat screen.

Judging Instructions

There are movement instructions in the lower-right corner once the game starts!

The audio works in Chrome or Windows Firefox, but the world is visible in Mac Firefox too. IE does not work due to lack of Web Audio support.

Please use headphones if you are in Chrome!

(Why only Windows Firefox, and not Mac? Because we used MP3s for the sound, which Mac Firefox doesn't support yet.)

What they Used

A huge debt to voxeljs and all related libraries.

Browserify, as always, was a pleasure to work with.

Socket.IO had our back when it came to syncing state between the server and multiple clients.



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  • judge

    Wow this game is super fun. Really different but the design is super cool and the controls seem to work well. Great job!

  • judge


  • judge

    Great use of technology! Gameplay is lacking though. Wish it were more engaging. Background noise a bit annoying. Would have been nice with scary background music and some movement on the ducks.

  • contestant


    Nice! Really fun to see a more complete multiplayer voxeljs game!

  • contestant

    Looking forward to reading the state sync code! Also the bat noises are scaaary!

  • contestant


  • contestant

    Arizona School for the Arts (student)

  • contestant
  • judge


    Another entry I was very excited about before I tried it. I really didn't know what to do. There was no help and all I heard was a loop of I guess a bat sounds.

    Design was cool. It was like Minecraft with night vision.

    I never saw a Web App that asked if they could disable the mouse, I though that was pretty cool.

    If their was a getting started or help menu in the game I think I would have been able to give it a better overall score.

  • contestant


    First voxel based entry I've seen, so way cool. That bat sound will haunt my dreams. Good job y'all!

  • judge

    Love the graphic style. A leveling system would be a cool addition. Maybe an audio indication when a duck is picked up

  • judge


    I want more ducks to pick up! I ran out after 8 :-(

  • contestant


    First time I didn't see any ducks or bats, gave it a refresh and the ducks were around for a bit, but then there were a shortage of ducks. Glad you recommended using headphones.

  • contestant

    Nice Job!

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Hi there! This is cool, and I like the night-vision effect. I wish more work had gone into game-play though–it feels pretty minimal =).

    • thlorenz

      Thanks, and agreed. We ran out of time before we could add the ability for the copter to shoot at the bats among lots of other ideas we had.


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