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By SoloNinja

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A user can define and run applications. An application has entities, and an entity has properties


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  • judge
  • judge


    Cool ideas. Could be better if you used some real world examples of who would use this and why. Seems to have promise

  • judge


    Interesting concept, like a very simple version of parse.

  • contestant


    If this had api's co do sth with the application this would be much better.

  • judge


    Appreciate the amount of work that you put into this so 3 stars on completeness for that!

  • contestant

    Even after 5 minutes of video I couldn't get the point. It is boring to click all that buttons and check boxes, imho. (sorry for advertising) or yeoman could generate the such apps in seconds and already with db support.

    After review the whole entries directory I've changed my scales

  • contestant

    very ORM'y seems like an idea in the very early stages. Would be interested in this being more mature. Seems like a good starting point tho.

  • judge

    Nice use of Bootstrap and nice implementation of a lightweight FileMaker Pro-like app. But it felt maybe still a bit light on features.

    • ajlopez

      Thanks!. Yes, I should add one-to-many. The idea is to have, in property types, "String", "Text", "Number", and "Reference to Employee", "Reference to Supplier", and "List of Photos", "List of Notes". The next idea is: add tags to each entity. You could add "urgent", or "author:johnny" to any entity. And make collections, that is, all the Notes tagged with "urgent". Another idea: generate code for the dynamic application. Or have a mobile client. Sky is the limit ;-)

  • contestant


  • contestant

    I think that you did a nice amount of work for a single person, if your team name is to be believed.

    The app is something I'm sure we've all seen before, though.

    • ajlopez


      Yes, I will publish it in my github/ajlopez, and continue to add features. My target:, but with JavaScript as programming language instead of Ax... Sorry, I don't remember the language use to allow more features

  • contestant

    Editora Abril


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