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Space Race

By Siecieborowice

Quick Intro

Fly your ship in a race to the finish. Discover fun maps or build new ones collaboratively.


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Our entry is a 2D, top-down 'spacecraft' racing game that has persisted collaborative map building for players and a dashboard for discovering maps, including those in progress. It is a web app served from a node.js instance, which utilizes a variety of server side modules. GoInstant is used for real-time messaging between players as well as for persistence of map data, while Apigee is used to persist the lists of maps that are displayed on the main page after signing in.

Judging Instructions

The game and some parts of the site only work in Chrome and Firefox for Windows. Parallels VM is the only option for Mac users like myself, sorry.

  • Keyboard is required and a mouse is recommended. After signing in, choose a map to join or create a new one.
  • Use the toolbox options on the right side to select what you want to put on your map.
    • Wall allows you to add connected walls to the canvas. Switch from the play button back to wall each time you want to break up your wall. We admit that it's not ideal currently.
    • Circle allows you to place a round obstacle on the map.
    • Start allows you to place the starting position on the map.
    • Finish allows you to place the finish position on the map. Refresh after putting the finish marker, a bug is causing the editor to stop working right after that, but a refresh brings you back safely.
  • Fly your ship with your arrow keys.
  • Others can join in your map creation by going to the same url.
  • Reach the finish marker on your map with your ship to publish it globally.
  • Game broke? Refresh Your changes should not be lost.


  • Use Chrome or Firefox's built in browser zoom to make it easier to build large maps.
  • Although challenging to move the canvas by only moving your ship, try not to move too fast while creating or you may get lost in space.
  • Refresh the browser to be thrown back to the start.
  • Be careful not to accidentally make walls in the wrong places, so turn the tool off with the Play button frequently to be safe. A common use is to draw part of a wall, click the Play button and click the Wall tool again to draw an unconnected piece.
  • The down button is reverse.
  • Although nothing epic happens, crossing the finish marker silently marks your map as published and users who view the map from the published list cannot modify it.
  • A bug prevents you from saving your awesome map name.... but you can type a custom name after /game/ in the url at the very beginning to start a new map with that name.
  • A bug is preventing your Facebook id from being stored on the map. We populate the map lists that are just for you using that, so the 'my' columns will be empty for now.
  • Adding tons of map pieces starts to make the game slow down, so try longer wall segments and go for sharp corners to keep it smooth. smooooove
What they Used

Node Modules: express, passport, hogan-express, html
Client: Paper.js ,Durandal, jQuery, RequireJS, Underscore, P2.js, Hammer.js, TypeScript, Knockout
3rd Party: Auth0, Apigee, GoInstant, Joyent
Art: Astronomy Images
Paper Airplane



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  • judge


    I couldn't really figure out how to use this app at all.

  • judge


  • judge


  • contestant


    very small place to play

    • dpwolfe

      Thanks for checking it out. Were you using a Mac. My apologies if you were, since it seems that there's not a single browser I can find which will pull it up to the full size. If you can at all, try it on Chrome or Firefox in Windows. You can also use those browser's zoom levels to give yourself even more room! Thanks again!

    • voronianski

      yep, I'm on Mac

    • dpwolfe

      The hilarious part is that I'm on a Mac too. I was developing in a Parallels VM with Win 8 the entire time. :)

    • voronianski

      haha, crazy stuff :)

  • contestant


    A nice idea but still looks like it's missing some fun/gameification elements.

  • contestant

    Fun game ! I look forward to seeing the finished product. :)

  • contestant


    Sounds like a Windows machine is needed for the full experience, but the idea on display is interesting. Having a larger canvas would definitely help.

    • dpwolfe

      Thanks for trying it out! I agree. I couldn't believe that not Chrome, FireFox, Safari or even Opera would display correctly on the Mac. So sad, but Firefox and Chrome, ironically the two browsers we were constantly testing with worked correctly. Thanks again!

  • contestant

    Great idea, some cool concepts but ultimately I couldn't figure out how it worked.

    I joined somebody else's game, placed some elements but my paper airplane kept falling off the screen. Cuz of that I couldn't really give it high marks but I like what I think you were trying to achieve.

    • dpwolfe

      Thanks for the review and feedback! I wish we had added a 'brake' feature and added the background parallax to help gauge a feel for your movement. I've found that when that happens, I just refresh the page so that I get sent back to the start point. Hope that helps. Thanks for your time1

  • contestant

    Hacker School

    Cool! I know this is like the last thing you want to do when time is running short, but a bunch of cool pre-created demo maps would have made this a lot better. It's a neat idea though. I couldn't really figure out if I had ever "beaten" map. Is winning a feature yet?

    • dpwolfe

      Thanks for the review. I agree that some canned maps would have given everyone a far easier way to jump in and understand what the idea is. A stopwatch on the screen with an official start and finish message to you would have been awesome. We were about halfway there with that and had a leaderboard page. As a consolation, when you do hit that end marker, that's what triggers the map to switch from 'in progress' to publish. The idea was to have you create a map, and then you had to race it to prove it worked, post the first time, and publish it to the world. :)

  • contestant

    Didn't really get it

    • dpwolfe

      Thanks for taking the time to check us out. I added some more notes and I'm putting together the video to help explain the project a little more. I hope that will help. Thanks.


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