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By sexual chocolate

Quick Intro

This app aims to answer the important question: Where to eat? It does this using unicorn science, mathematics, and Foursquare.


A game where you and your friends vote on where to eat from your Foursquare history.

Judging Instructions

Open on your mobile phone or computer.

Login with your Foursquare account, create a new group, and then give the group code or URL for your friends to join.

Once everyone has joined, hit start, and then vote on where to eat!

After the majority of people have voted Yes on a restaurant, Consensus will be reached.

What they Used

express goinstant mongohq bootstrap backbone jquery underscore node-foursquare jwt-simple connect-redis kue express3-handlebars



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Other Votes

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  • judge


    looks to work well, for a pretty small task.

  • judge

    Khan Academy

    A fun little app! Unfortunately while I was able to sign up I didn't immediately have any friends who also had foursquare accounts, to test with. So at least I was able to form a consensus with myself. Could be a good way to figure out those company lunch times!

  • contestant


  • contestant


    Great, idea!!! I love it! But the problem is with design. Not as much intuitive as I would like. If design is improved then the app would be much more fun.

  • judge


    The classic problem of where to eat. I really like that the project takes advantage of node.js and the Foursquare APIs. Great execution.

  • contestant


    I really like the idea - though reaching a consensus can tak a lot of time when the restaurants are presented 1 at a time :)

  • contestant

    Always a big problem. NICE HACK

  • judge

    Good try at solving a common problem, but it feels like the idea could've been developed a little more.

  • contestant

    For me by myself, I couldn't get anywhere with the app and it felt broken for me. Once I watched the video I saw what this project actually does I understood a little better. It'd be nice to see a larger nomination process, or maybe a roulette option but this is a good start.

  • contestant


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