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Quick Intro

Dropbox costs $10/month for 100GB, which is $0.10 per 1GB and on Amazon Glacier it costs $0.01 per GB per month. And you don't always need to keep photos of you from 10 years ago at your fingertips, it's ok to have them stored at "grandma's basement".


Watches '_iceberg' folder of your dropbox and move all new files into Amazon Glacier (creates hidden file for each file you put into the folder with reference to Glacier Archive ID), after file successfully uploaded to Amazon, zeroes out Dropbox file (so it won't consume any space). When you need that file back, simply move it out of '_iceberg' folder (but keep within dropbox) and Iceberg would go back to Glacier and fetch contents for the file and populate it for you. (Amazon Glacier's retrieval job takes 3-5 hours to finish).

Judging Instructions

As you can tell other half of the team (design part) is in South America at the moment and it all looks ugly. :)

Creating Amazon Glacier account could take some time and effort, sorry :)

And looks like Safari doesn't like Dropbox's auth flow, so if it's the case – try Google Chrome.

What they Used

ApiGee – session storage, AWS-SDK for Glacier, npm/dropbox – for Dropbox, few homemade ones (all from npm).



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  • judge

    Great idea, and something that's been needed for quite a while. Well done on this. I didn't get to install a glacier account, so couldn't test out the system. A little more work on the frontend and it'll be usable. and a bit of testing and I'd use it as my dropbox account is a total rip-off.

    • alexindigo

      Thanx. :) For me main problem that I takes as much space on my laptop.

  • contestant

    Interesting idea! I've been waiting to try Glacier. Maybe now is the time :)

    • alexindigo

      Just wait until beta version, ok? :)

  • judge


  • judge

    It would be awesome to finish the UI to make this seamless. Having features such as "auto backup files larger than X why not touched for longer than Y" would be cool too.

    • alexindigo

      Yeah, I prefer more explicit approach, magic is good, but only to some extent. :) Thanx.

  • contestant


    Beautifully done. The design is split: the web interface received a 1, the user interface inside of the OS received a 5.

    In four years of participating in the Node Knockout this is the most impressive application that I have seen.

  • contestant

    Design is pretty bad, yeah. Hope that you will have a time after nko to finish this project.

  • contestant


    Nice integration for storage, would be nice to see Google drive in the middle :)

    • alexindigo

      Yes, I think later I can add more source storages. Thank you.

  • contestant

    Good idea, great potential. By moving infrequently used files to archival storage a lot can be saved in terms of storage cost. keep it moving.

    • alexindigo

      Yep, this is the plan. Thanx.

  • contestant

    Great HACK!

  • judge
  • contestant


    Very cool!

  • contestant

    Spatial Automation Lab -- University of Wisconsin, Madison / 3D Systems / Bespoke Innovations

    I didn't try it out as I was scared to give out my dropbox password. But it is a pretty good way to optimize savings, though I am way to chicken to try it out.

    • alexindigo

      Yeah, it always bugged me why dropbox didn't introduce limited access to a certain folder. :)


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