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Mayberry Secure P2P Messaging

By Schmeowzers

Quick Intro

Send encrypted messages to people over webRTC. Your message never touches our server.


We us an public/private key system to lock down your message coupled with webRTC to send messages between peers. The central server is only used to see who is online waiting to receive an encrypted, peer-to-peer message.

Judging Instructions

Please use Chrome.

What they Used

WS, modified, twitter for authentication.



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  • judge


    After logging in, I saw nothing under the Mayberry logo in the top left.

    Checked the console and saw: "Uncaught NotSupportedError: The implementation did not support the requested type of object or operation." from

    I'm using Chrome Version 32.0.1700.14 beta

  • contestant

    Really cool, maybe ditch twitter for authentication. and give more options.

  • contestant

    Very useful.

  • contestant


    webRTC ;]

  • contestant


    Using Chrome I authorized with twitter it loaded but there were no messages and no way compose, invite or see messages. Looks nice and clean, shame I couldn't get it to work, good luck!

  • contestant

    Much needed, only if it could go mainstream!!

  • contestant
  • contestant


    I was wondering when I'd see a project with a privacy angle. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work. After signing in with Twitter it just takes me to a page w/ a blank sidebar w/ the mayberry logo.

    The video looked cool though. I was looking forward to seeing how you handled security of the onboarding. Like, if I found your link could I just view all your chat history and pretend I was the person you started the conversation with? Curious how you solved that.

  • judge


    chatting works. encrypted message is good but it only works in chrome.

  • judge

    First off, I think the need of an encryption chat application is very high in the web nowadays; however, what I am seeing in your application is a lack of overall completeness with the project. I understand that the backend "encryption" is the selling point but I just don't see all the work you guys put in at the frontend of the product. There are many services like this one, it would be much better to see how this one varies from the rest. Having a more in-depth website would make the prototype make much more sense considering the only way for me to fully understand your software at this point would be to look directly at your code, but the actual code has little to do with the user experience. However, I think the idea is good, not new, but it is definitely something that has potential to grow and become a mainstream encryption application.

  • judge


    It was difficult to use this app because I didn't have any friends. Neat idea, though.

  • contestant


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