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By safiz

Quick Intro is a set of widgets and APIs to help developers support image uploads and conversions in their Apps. It enable Apps to connect to different cloud services, upload and process(resize, crop) images.

  1. Widget that developers can use in their web apps to upload images
  2. Supports image uploads from cloud.
  3. Post Processes Images ( resize, crop etc)
  4. By default all uploaded images are saved on our server, but can be saved to other cloud services as well
Judging Instructions
  1. Upload widget can be tried on home page and should work in all latest browsers. Alternatively it can be tested in any app( see docs for instructions on how to use)
  2. Currently image uploads from local systems are working. Cloud integrations are work in progress so have been omitted.
  3. In order to try widget with other sites, you need to register and use the api key ( you can find the key in Dashboard tab of Developer portal).
What they Used
  1. Drywall
  2. Backbone
  3. Requirejs
  4. Twitter bootsrap
  5. Mongodb
  6. imagemagick
  • safiz — Islamabad, Pakistan


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  • judge

    This is really great and useful app. The website is also nicely laid out and works very well. Great job!

  • contestant

    Bank of Canada

    It's a neat idea. Potentially a nice clean tool for working with files. The one thing that I really liked about this was that it lets users upload images to one place and then you can import from wherever they have their files.

    P.S. You should add Flickr as one of your future updates.

  • contestant

    Awesome start, I hope you develop this project further. I am personally interested in various processing features.

    • safiz

      Thanks, I do intend to take it further. What kind of processing features, you said, would be interesting ?

  • judge


  • judge


    Having to have an API key (signup) felt like a deal breaker to me.

  • contestant


    Good job, this is very useful.

  • contestant

    The embeddable image picker is a really good idea, and it looks like there is definitely some potential in this product! I couldn't get the processing (e.g. resizing, cropping) to work, but image uploading worked well.

  • contestant

    Cool! It’s really useful..

  • contestant

    I was unable to get the resized image via url params. Though it is a great utility for devs.

  • contestant


    Utility: Easy image conversion is useful, but I have so many tools these days at my disposal it isn't something I'm typically in search of. The widget/API is where you're getting points here.

    Design: Simple Bootstrap, fine, but not eye popping. I can't tell if the image placeholders are intentional or what...

    Innovation: I've seen numerous websites that offer similar or other image upload & modification tools. However, giving you 3-stars because the widget is innovative.

    I was able to upload an image on the main site, but then I couldn't seem to do anything with it. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

  • judge


    Seems like a very useful product but i'd rather have it as a library than as a service. Wish i didn't have to go through a complicated setup process to try it out.

    This is a great idea, but the execution is a bit off.

  • judge

    I think this platform is one of the more compete projects that I've seen in NK so far. Awesome job. I really like the user interface, you make it real easy for anyone to get an understanding of how your API works and how to implement it. However, I don't like that it doesn't seem to be solving a major problem considering it would be easier to serve the images in your own server in my opinion. Otherwise, good job.

  • contestant


    This is really good, hope you guys continue development after the hackathon


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