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By rocket

Quick Intro

A service to attach MIDI instruments over the Internet.


Allows electronic musicians to share MIDI signals over the internet (sync to keep drum machines in time, note on/off) and jam in real time remotely.

Judging Instructions

Alice and Bob

  1. Both Alice and Bob download the Node.JS client software and configure it to read their MIDI interfaces.
  2. Alice goes to http://rocket.2013.nodeknockout.com/ and creates a jam room and sends bob the URL over IM
  3. Alice connects her client to the "Master connection" and she will be sending the MIDI sync signal (and all other MIDI signals) to the midi slaves that connect.
  4. Bob connects his client to the "Slaves connection" and his computer's MIDI output is now streaming Alice's signals to his setup!
  5. When Cathy IMs Bob asking to join, he sends her the URL and she uses the Slaves connection to also begin using Alice's MIDI signals.

Alice and Bob

They each individually record their tracks and send the files to eachother to mix themselves.

What they Used

express.io, nunjucks, jquery, redis, bootstrap



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  • Video production: 5 stars. How are you guys doing time sync?

  • judge

    Great project. Epic video!

  • judge


    simply awesome. curious about the latency.

  • judge

    Keychain Logistics

  • judge

    OK, AWESOME VID, nice concept!!

  • contestant


    LOL to the video! :-D That is so interesting to remote orchestras/jams!

  • judge


  • contestant

    Must have been the most gnarliest pitch video I've seen on NKO13. 5/5 for that. Your project seems really interesting too. Couldn't test it though due the lack of a MIDI device. Anyway, great work Chris & Christopher.

  • contestant

    Although I was unable to test it out, congrats on the presentation!

  • judge


    5 stars for using the phrase "And gen..."

  • contestant

    Really cool, We made a MIDI WebRTC Karaoke at http://nodeknockout.com/teams/glazed-nodenuts I think we should collaborate in the future haha. MIDI is the past, MIDI is the future :)

  • contestant

    Cool idea! Awesome work.

  • judge

    The video, and the image in the instructions were awesome, and very necessary, as I lack almost all of the requirements to try out the application. I think it's something that could be a lot of fun for people who play with midi devices generally and I'd be interested to see what comes from it.

  • judge


    Awesome project, right now i'm building a drum machine with Arduino and Node.js :D - keep working on it :)

  • contestant


    Wow what a cool idea! It seemed like there was quite a bit of setup involved, but otherwise awesome job!

  • judge

    Great tool for enabling remote musician collaboration!

  • judge



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