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Quick Intro

Jarvis is your personal media consumption assistant! He takes input as urls and processes them in a variety of ways to produce a single feed of everything you care about.


Jarvis allows users to submit urls as a "source". These sources are tested against a variety of types of processors. For the best matching processor, the source is processed into a list of items and/or more sources to investigate.

Process means:

  • embedding a youtube video
  • embedding a vimeo video
  • crawling tweets for links to recursively process
  • finding the readme content of a github repo url
  • embedding instagram images
  • exposing rss feed items
  • allow filtering of rss feeds by regex for a more focused set of items
  • extract articles from pages (like instapaper/pocket)
Judging Instructions

When you load the page, you will be logged in as the public user. You can read a preset list of feed items, add more sources that will be turned into feed items, or log in with your own Facebook or Twitter account.

Adding sources can be done in a variety of ways, but it all starts with a url. Click on the [+] button on the left sidebar and paste in your url. Sometime later you will be notified that new feed items are available. Refresh to see them.

What they Used


  • MongoHQ


  • express
  • coffee-script-redux
  • jade
  • stylus
  • node-readability
  • async
  • connect-ensure-login
  • passport
  • passport-facebook
  • passport-twitter
  • underscore
  • youtube-dl
  • cheerio
  • request
  • valid-url
  • socket.io
  • mongoose




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  • judge

    Love the idea and execution. Really nice website design as well. Good job!

  • contestant

    interesting ... a little more functional than a standard RSS reader, with a better design would surely be great

  • judge

    10gen, MongoDB Company

    Cool little app, nice that you can add more than just rss. I can see this becoming a nice little reader :)

  • contestant

    I like the idea, but you still have to click everything in the "sidebar" which outside of being able to use it offline (which is cool) it isn't much different than click on bookmarks is it?

    • EndangeredMassa

      The difference here is that these items you will only want to read once. We ran out of time to implement the ability to clear all read items.

  • contestant

    I love the idea of aggregating different sources.

  • contestant

    I tried it and it is cool but only only 30% of the urls I put in works. great start. :)

  • contestant

    Awesome! Especially liking the offline feature. Aggregate other stuff than just RSS is good too. Great job you three.

  • contestant

    I am always looking for a RSS consumer tool after google has gone out. It was a bit difficult to use, try to recommend links on search. Best of Luck.

  • judge

    Universal Mind

    Nice stuff. Keep it going.

  • judge

    The screencast got me excited but the product didn't quite deliver on its promise. I added a blog and one random post showed up. I added a Vimeo video and it got embedded. I added the NY Times and it just added a link to the site. I added a tweet with a link and it never showed up (twice).

    It felt more like a bookmarking service than a media helper. There is no special organization of content, existing content styles (blog, etc) are stripped, and the overall layout is very basic.

    I didn't understand the update notification mechanism and what is going on in the background while it is processing a new source. You probably put in a lot of work into this background engine but I could not figure out what it was actually doing based on the results showing up.

  • judge

    Tech To The People

    Great idea, might try it as an offline rss reader.

    I tried to add a feed but got an error msg "oops, we couldn't access that site" I did it with the default url.

    Suggestion: change the existing feeds on demo (eg wired, hufpo... stuff we know and that illustrate the features).

  • contestant


    This completely worked as advertised, nice job! I could even see myself using something like this to reduce the amount of things I need to check. The only thing I wished it did was not refresh the page when a new item is available.

  • contestant


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