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Geo Chat

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Quick Intro

A powerful video chat to take your georeferencing information and lets you communicate with anyone in the world.


Users can login with twitter, then they can call anybody in the map, with one click in the marker of the user requested.

Judging Instructions

Sorry, but our app have some errors :(, when a user goes out, the marker does not disappears, then if you wanna test the app, you have to click in the marker of a user than is logged in and active. Thanks for all and we are really sorry :(

What they Used

For the Backed we used: Node.js, leveldb,, express, passport, grunt and jade. For the frontend we used: Backbone.js, jquery, handlebars, underscore, require, normalize and leaflet for the maps.



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  • contestant
  • contestant

    This looks like you've built something technically really cool, but it needs a lot of work to make it usable/clarify why it is useful.

    I like your design, basic but clean.

  • contestant


    hey, guys! it looks like you were highly inspired by my demo - :)

  • contestant


    I like the idea of visually presenting the visitor's location :)

  • contestant

    Geospatial Niagara

    Nice concept. Anything Geo makes me smile!

  • contestant


    Love the idea but tried chatting with a couple of people and gave microphone and camera permission but nothing happened except my camera coming on, maybe someone could see me.

    • josedeweb

      Hello, :( we are really sorry because we could not push the last commit, in this moments the app has troubles with the ends of the socket when a user is going out, and it doesn't remove the markers from the map, but thanks for your comments! :)

  • contestant

    Cool idea for meeting randoms, I do like the geo aspect - couldn't get the streams going, but it's possible nobody was accepting my requests. Nice work!

  • contestant

    Unfortunately, the app seemed to crash as soon as I authed twitter and wouldn't come back up.

    I'll come back later if it's working, just lemme know.


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