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By Religion

Quick Intro

Search and customize your avatar.


My app lets you create an avatar.

The avatar that you get can be referenced by a key like DACAFABAFAFAFACAGA. This key is human readable, easy to remember and contains all the information about your avatar: the key IS the data.

I chose this project mainly because I needed an avatar creator for a project I'm developing for my little girl (so I killed two birds with one stone by participating to nko and developing something that I needed at the same time). The rest is 50% luck, 50% Religion.

5,250,000 Avatars later...

The server with its current data can render 5,250,000 different avatars. These avatars can either be cached or rendered on the fly: if a given avatar is not already rendered (i.e. the key is not present in a static image pool), the server parses the key and renders it using node-canvas. Then it sends back the image and updates the image pool. Currently, the image pool thing is not enabled so all images are rendered on the fly (for the sake of simplicity).

All avatars are generated by assembling a set of hand drawn features (scanned and converted to svg) giving a nice 'hand drawn' quality to all generated images.

Judging Instructions

1. Create

  • Start from one of the displayed avatars and customize it (click on the FACEdepot logo to regenerate the list).
  • Or search your avatar using the input text box (well ok, this is extremely sluggish right now, sorry for this one).

2. Customize

  • Click on the avatar of you choice, and start customize it. You can change its nose, mouth, hair, body etc. Have fun!

3. Use

Remember your key and use it everywhere you need an avatar. The url of your DADALABACACADACAFA avatar is:

What they Used

Libraries: express, node-canvas, std-error, knockoutjs

Tools & stuff: inkscape, pencil, 51 sheets of paper, scanner, Brûlerie St-Denis Velvet Island Blend Coffee, Boréale IPA, Cameron's Resurrection Roggenbier, very little sleep, roastbeef, oranges & peanuts.


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  • judge


  • contestant

    Arizona School for the Arts (student)

  • judge


    This is pretty neat and seems like a lot of work went into the creation of all the different options. I like the idea of generating an avatar this way and would love to eventually see more options.

  • judge


    This is excellent and fun! Very creative. It would have been nice to have an obvious way to find the URL for the created avatar. (I realized you could right-click and open the actual image to get this.)

  • judge

    Sequoia Capital

    This was fun. Nice work.

  • contestant

    Focus the Web

    I love the illustrations and the idea is fun, nice app guys! I miss a simple share button.

  • judge

    Nodejitsu Inc.

    Nice, really cool and fun, the app design isn't always as intuitive though, like the switching between body parts in the top bar.

    • hugow

      Thanks. You're right it could and should be easier!

  • contestant


    Great idea and love the hand drawn images, good luck!

  • contestant

    Web Developer at Peapod Studios

    Okay, this is a really cool app. And I love the way the avatars can be referenced. It would be fun to randomly use these for user profile pictures in another app. Design and interface is great. Simple, but suits the art style well. It was a little buggy, but that's to be expected when building something so fast. Hats off to you all. This was great and fun.

    • hugow

      Thanks for the super duper review!!!

  • judge


    Simple but had a lot of fun trying different faces out. I think this works really well.

  • contestant

    Fun and useful, but a little childish to me.

    • hugow

      Thanks. The childish part is in fact what I am the most proud of, I was targetting a 2yo audience in terms of complexity level of the app. Thanks again.

  • contestant

    Haha, this is funny, and if you add even more faces or give users the ability to simply upload their own faces, i think this could be pretty useful. :) Good work.

  • contestant


    Only bug I could find was if i typed more than the necessary amount and then backed up then it wouldn't reset the search. It's a pretty cool idea!

  • judge


  • contestant


    First I though - meh, not very useful, but then I noticed that the key request returns an image - and suddenly I though - what a nice tool! - good work!


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